Toyota Recall A Ploy by Obama Government?

This MSNBC article suggests that Toyota’s accelerator woes benefit the US auto market, and surely they do.  But the article kind of hints at the idea that these recalls may have been designed to help Government Motors and Chrysler.  Not so sure about that, but it is plausible.

The Recall affects millions of vehicles not just in the US, but around the globe.  Toyota has halted sales of affected models, and they still outsell Chrysler.  The recall has prompted officials to say “Stop driving your Toyotas.”  I heard numbers the other day that made me gasp a little because the number of cars that Toyota sells in the US is greater than the rest of the world.  Without the US, Toyota wouldn’t be the power it is. 

But don’t worry.  The recall police are still on American companies.  Cheverolet’s Cobalt, which has had issues in the past, is under scrutiny again.  This time it’s for the electronic steering that 1,132 consumers say have caused them to lose positive control of their vehicle.  1,132, huh?  Man that sounds like a lot.  It has been linked to eleven accidents and one fatality.  But, the problem affects 950,000 vehicles.  This is barely one percent of the cars sold.  Not exactly comparing apples to apples, is it? 

Look, when you make as many cars as Toyota does, and you sell as many cars as they do, something like this is going to happen sooner or later.  Their response has been pretty good, in my opinion, getting the parts and training out to the people who actually have to fix the cars.  I’ve heard and read that in the past, car makers would rather deal with lawsuits than the economic ramifications of a recall.  In other words, if your sister and her family died in Pinto crash/fire, they’d rather settle out of court with you for a few hundred thousand dollars than lose millions of dollars in market share and direct cost of fixing the problem.  Fortunately for us, the media is still willing to do its job to police private companies products for safety problems, unlike their political coverage, which is biased and filled with partial truths and omissions, which could be classified as “lies.” 

I bought my first new car in 1989, a Toyota Corolla.  I haven’t bought a foreign car new since then.  I realize how important it is to buy American wherever I can, even if the cars themselves are made in Canada or Mexico.  At least the money helps an American company’s balance sheet. 

As far as the government pushing this story to help out the companies it owns, it is entirely possible.  We have seen this administration use tactics that are, um, questionable in the past. 

I’m not naiive enough to think that Toyota won’t emerge from this with strength.  It may take them some time to get their reputation repaired, but they will still sell cars that feel cheap and get great mileage to Americans who want to die in a collision with a car made of something more formidable than plastic and aluminum foil. 

Maybe the American car companies can follow Toyota and Honda’s examples and offer cars that result in death when they hit a bird.  Maybe they can offer them at a price so low that Americans are willing to take a chance on them again.  Oh, wait.  The labor costs so much that can never happen.  Forgot. 

I hope that Chevrolet at least will figure out that quality matters, especially now that cars need to last longer.  Those Chevy’s, man they die too fast. 

My second new car was a Chevy Blazer, bought in 1994.  After it had a little radiator problem off the showroom floor, we had very few problems with it.  One fuel pump and fuel injector assembly.  My son still drives the car.  280,000 miles.  My wife’s car is a 2004 Trailblazer, 178,000 miles, and we have had a transmission problem and I recently replaced the alternator.  My truck is a 2004 Colorado, 112,000 miles.  I haven’t had to do anything major to it yet. 

Give American cars a chance.  Their quality is better now than it ever has been, and you could be “saving or creating” real jobs.


One Response to “Toyota Recall A Ploy by Obama Government?”

  1. Wallace Says:

    Yeah, some of my friends are complaining about it. I see it as fair game; Eventhough Toyota has made quality automobiles, they like GM, Ford, and Chrysler have done their best to fix the problems, but hide it from the Government to keep a bad stigma from sticking to their name. Companies kept to a high standard need to be honest; since Toyota has known about this problem for some years, they deserve the publicity. I personally perfer GM over Ford, but I have to be honest and say Ford stock is doing much better than GM, quality has come up and financially Ford is doing better than GM; Chrysler, well…….. that is another story.

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