Some Random Thoughts

The Chef at NBC’s commissary is in trouble for offering fried chicken and collard greens for lunch in honor of Black History Month.  Hey, at least watermelon wasn’t on the menu.

In a related story, NBC plans to offer Irish Whiskey and the components for a car bomb in honor of St. Patrick’s Day.

CNN and MSNBC are up in arms because there is a Tea Party convention underway in Nashville, and there are some Tea Party cruises planned.  I guess that’s offensive to liberals, but a $10,000 a plate fund raising dinner by Democrats is okay. 

I’m personally offended by the IDEA of Black History month.  Black people who contribute to the advancement of America should be honored, but those who attempt to advance only racial bias and hatred should not.  And yes, black people can do that. 

Michael Jackson’s doctor MIGHT be charged this week in his death.  It’s not bad enough that he killed his meal ticket, now he’s going to have stand trial for it?  

While you haven’t been paying attention, progressives have managed to incrementally remove your freedoms and raise your taxes.  You better start paying attention soon, or it may become illegal to.

My son’s school is offering an IB program.  If this program has more applicants than spots, they will draw names from a hat.  Seems like a good way to determine the future of a young person.

The IB program is language and culture heavy, science and math light.  Seems like if we are getting killed globally in math and science, a more “academically rigorous” program would include high level chemistry and physics.


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