Individual Healthcare Premiums on the Rise

Today, MSN reported that healthcare insurance companies are requesting an increase in premiums to offset the rise of the cost of healthcare.  The cost of healthcare is also affected by the slow economy which is causing individuals who are purchasing healthcare coverage on their own to strip down what they buy.  President Obama is using this as an exhibit A on why the government needs to step in and save the day. 

Currently, only nine percent of Americans buy their insurance this way, yet MSN calls this group the most vulnerable group out there when it comes to healthcare.  About sixty percent of Americans get their coverage through their jobs.  That’s sixty nine percent of Americans.  The remaining 31 percent, I presume are without coverage. 

This ploy by the president and Democrats in the house and senate is, to say the least, dishonest.  I hate it that insurance companines are forced to ask for premium increases to make the kind of profits they are used to.  But let’s not forget that these companies cover people’s healthcare costs.  They provide an important service to the public.  Maybe they need to go out of business if they can’t stay afloat, but that would surely impact more people who need healthcare coverage.  It would thin the population of healthcare companies, and therefore reduce the number of companies out there, eliminating competition, and that would cause prices to rise further.  The answer to this, of course, is to let these companies stay in business.

But our president wants government to BE the competition.  Competition that doesn’t have to make any money.  Doesn’t have to make a profit.  Competition that has all the money it needs, courtesy John Q. Taxpayer.  And he is using reports like the one today to load the chamber to fire off a volley that will get his ridiculous healthcare bill passed.  “Look at the poor people out there trying to make ends meet.  We need to help them.”  Forget that these people can actually afford to pay their bills.  The real people who need help out there are the ones who can’t pay their bills.  I don’t want to pay for everyone’s healthcare, which is where all this will end up with the people in charge today.  This bill doesn’t do that, but they will be able to change it into anything they want, once they pass it. 

Obama sees his power slipping away.  With mid-term elections nine months away and incumbents not running all over the US, he knows he has to pass this with the lineup he has now.  He can’t wait.  The full-court press is on, and time is running out. 

Remember this:  once a bill is passed, especially one that is of a social nature, it is very difficult to “unpass” it.  It is not difficult, however, to modify the law to ever expand the reach of government. 

By the way, we have heard how great Canadian healthcare is.  I talked to a guy today who went to the hospital with symptoms of a heart attack and they sent him away.  He went to a cardiac clinic and they admitted him right away.  He is alive today because he thought to find another hospital.  Sound like something we want?


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