Obama Healthcare Plan Text


Take a look at the link above.  The president plans to have debate on this plan televised on Feb. 25.  It’s only sixteen pages long.  And in sixteen pages, there are numerous half-truths, several out and out lies, and the same platitudes we have heard over the last year. 

This plan puts a lot of new beareaucracies in place.  It mentions going after profits of healthcare insurance companies and profits of the pharmaceutical companies.  It talks about doing something about malpractice insurance, but not in the way you think. 

What Obama has done here is do away with the ridiculously long documents voted on in the house and senate.  He spends space using the same faulty numbers I have described in this blog in the past. 

One particularly gross misrepresentation is about infant mortality.  As most of you know, infant mortality is often used to gage the care recieved by citizens in a given country.  What the bill doesn’t tell you is where these numbers come from.  Each country reports its own mortality numbers.  Each country classifies a live birth differently.  According to Obama’s calculations, Cuba has better numbers in this area than we do, ergo they have a better healthcare system than we do.  Do you believe Fidel Castro’s numbers?  I don’t. 

The plan spelled out in this document also require hospitals and healthcare providers, as well as insurance companies, to answer to the government about care they provide.  In other words, if you are a doctor and a patient dies, you have to prove you met all the federal standards in regards to the care you gave that patient.

The malpractice insurance thing is laughable.  Instead of instituing a “loser pays” system, this plan will regulate and dictate to malpractice companies how much they can charge for their product.  Free market?  Don’t think so.

This plan also stresses preventative care.  We do need to educate ourselves about healthy choices.  But if you think that covering preventative care will save any money, think again.  If one in ten people get a form of cancer, testing the other nine people is a waste of money.  If a person is at risk for this disease due to family history, work history, etc, then they should be tested more often.  I’m a little over forty and have had the one finger salute exam three times because my dad has prostate cancer.  I know this and get the test. 

The plan also talks about preventing childhood obesity, although not in so many words.  I’ve got an answer to this one:  PE.  We had it.  Not many of us were overweight as kids.  Coincidence?  Nope.  We also went outside and played after school.  My mom cooked our dinner almost every night.  We ate at the table.  Every day.  That doesn’t happen any more, not even in my house.  (Maybe if I could see the flat surface of the kitchen table, we’d eat there.)   But kids don’t know about how their bodies work or what they need to stay healthy.  We need to teach our kids about being healthy, and that should start with us being healthy. 

Look, this plan is more of the same.  Read it.  Decide for yourself.  Then take a look at the Healthcare Summit.  If you come away from that with the idea that this just may work, more power to you.  I plan to watch.  Even though figure skating starts soon.


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