Socialists Rear Head in Name of Education

You probably didn’t hear about this in the mainstream media.  Last Thursday, March 4, there was a national day of action to protest increases in college tuition.  This was a nationwide demonstration, with most of the action being concentrated in California.  UCLA students were up in arms because of a $400 per year increase in tution. 

Now, on the surface, this seems like a reasonable protest.  State budgets are stretched to the limit and colleges are feeling the pinch.  They have to do something to get revenue up, so they pass the cost of doing business along to their customers; students.  College students are known for being poor.  They drive crappy cars, eat ramen noodles, and have to buy cheap weed. 

What is interesting here is who was involved in getting these protests going.  Socialist groups and labor unions.  The link above points to just one of their sites, and shows a poster that looks a lot like something you’d see in 1960’s Russia.  Why would these groups want to get involved in something like this?  What does it have to do with rising tuition costs? 

Answer to question number 1:  socialists are indoctrinating your kids, starting in kindergarten and going straight through to college.  It should come as no surprise to you that college campuses are staffed and run by radicals.  Bill Ayers, a member of the Weather Underground, a group started by SDS, who took part in the national day of action, is a sixties radical who bombed buildings.  He is also a college professor.  These guys are the same butt monkeys who were dropping acid and sitting in at the Berkeley campus in 1968, protesting the Vietnam war, imperialism, horse races, and whatever else they thought worthwhile.  Have they changed?  Nope. 

Answer to question number two:  not a damn thing.  These guys are lucky that the colleges are staying open.  If the schools close, some of these students may have to give up their chosen profession of going to school on the government dime and get a productive job in society.  I hear Ayers is looking for engineering majors who don’t have much passion for life.  He needs them for a few small to medium sized chemistry and mechanical projects. 

Socialists have the deranged idea that things like a college degree, food, housing, and medical care should all be free and available to all citizens.  If this was the case, what incentive would there be to get your own degree, food, housing or medical care?  What incentive would there be to work when your neighbor doesn’t but lives in a house just like yours?   What incentive would there be to improve yourself if doing so meant that you got to pay more taxes and tote the load for those who didn’t?  Answer:   No incentive whatsoever. 

What I really want you to be aware of here is that socialists have already infiltrated the educational establishment.  They are the teachers and principals, superintendents and administrators for public schools.   And they have targeted your children for indoctrination.   They have chosen the ones among us who are the least equipped to question authority and ask intelligent questions to attempt to get their socialist agenda growing in another generation.  Germany had the Hitler Youth.  We have the NEA. 

Why else would socialist groups even get involved in something like this? 

They wouldn’t.


2 Responses to “Socialists Rear Head in Name of Education”

  1. nooneofanyimport Says:

    Nice post. I have never, and will never, understand how the socialist mindset continues to thrive when it makes no sense to the rational mind. Here is my take on this, based on my, and now my kid’s, experience:

    • babaje2 Says:

      Thanks for reading my blog and taking the time to comment. I hope you will visit again and I look forward to more comments from you.


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