“Massa”ve Disappointment

I watched with peaked interest yesterday as Glenn Beck interviewed former New York Democrat Representative Eric Massa.  It was an hour long (though I skipped commercials.  DVR rocks) and a total disappointment.  Congressman Massa was asked several times to name names, be specific, and he instead spent most of the time explaining himself. 

Look, I don’t know if this guy’s health is the issue, or if the White House strong armed him into quitting, or if the potential expense of defending himself in an ethics investigation drove him to quit.  Either way, he saw a fight, and he quit.  He said on Beck’s program that he didn’t have any more fight left in him, that he had fought the good fight for over twenty years as a sailor and as a public servant, and couldn’t do it any more.  I get that.  But what about the people he serves?  They elected him to serve for a period of time.  He shouldn’t just quit when the waters get rough. 

I’m sure that the Democrats would have totally destroyed this man.  White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said the accusations of verbal threats by Chief of Staff Raum “Deadfish” Emanual were ludicrous.  I don’t know how anyone could even consider the idea that Emanual may try “the Chicago way” to get a freshman congressman to cooperate on an unpopular piece of legislation.  I mean, the guy seems so level headed and honest.  Riiiight. 

I feel for the Congressman, but his story has changed more than a menopausal female.  The color of this story has shifted more than a Chilean tent.  His credibility was in the crapper the minute he started backpedaling.

I hope he wins this second fight with cancer, and I wish him well.  I also wish he could have stuck around long enough to at least make Nancy Pelosi’s job of getting enough votes to pass Obamacare 2.0 a bit more diffcult.  I don’t get it.  I guess being a southern man who doesn’t mind standing and fighting wouldn’t.


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