America’s Standing in World on the Ropes

I’m so glad Barack Obama rode in on a white horse to save America’s standing in the world.  He promised when he campaigned that he would engage the nations of the world and try to undo the evils perpetrated by the evil Republicans. 

Way to go, Mr. President.

America and Britain are in danger of losing their triple A rating around the globe.  This means that our credit rating is not impeccable and that nations around the world will think twice before taking on any more of our debt. 

When you pair this with the Obama apology tour from last year and the bullying of Israel in recent days, it looks like we are in good hands.  I mean, if it takes you a year to shatter an entire country’s credit rating by over the top spending, and the same amount of time to expose your spinelessness to third world dictators, obviously, these guys are on top of things.  The cherry on top is to insult the one ally you have in the middle east. 

What are the people in the administration thinking?  We’ve seen throught their handling of the healthcare bill that they know better what’s good for the American people than the people do.  Now I guess they know what’s better for Israelis than they do. 

The Israelis are in the middle of this thing.  They have to respond to threats in a real way, and in a forceful way.  Otherwise, they will be exterminated. 

The Obama administration wants a Palestinian state.  Okay, I could go along with that.  After all, that’s what happened in 1948.  The Jewish people were given a state by outsiders.  They now live on what used to be Palesitnian land, so if the Palestinians could get a state of their own, that would be fair. 

There is a catch though.  No amount of negotiation and Israeli relinquishing land has satisfied the Palestinians.  They don’t want SOME land.  They want the land that Israel has.  They want THAT land.  Oh, and they want the Jews to go somewhere else.  Anywhere else.  And they will kill all the Jews if they can to accomplish getting their land back. 

Maybe it’s time to let Israel do what they need to do to secure their land.  Everybody seems to want less American involvement in middle eastern affairs.  We should start there. 

It’s apparent that the Obama folks are not interested in our standing in the world, unless it means further weakening of our nation.  Maybe we can buy off chumps like Hugo Chavez, but the Palestinians will be different.  They want what they want, and no amount of negotiation will change that. 

Lasting peace is never negotiated.  It’s won on the battlefield.  And if we allow our allies to defend their borders, perhaps we’d have more allies.  Real allies.  Not the French or Germans, who will support us when it benefits them, but will turn their backs on us when we need them to commit to something tough. 

Yeah, we are in good hands.  I’ll sleep like a baby tonight.


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