Deem and Pass Tactic Spits on Constitution

Unless your head has been firmly buried in… um, a sandy place, you know that the US Congress is doing anything it feels necessary to pass Obamacare.  This includes threatening Democrat politicians that the President won’t campaign for them, twisting more arms than The Big Show, and trying to pass a law without voting on it. 

A while back on this blog I said that the administration would be twisting arms.  I had no idea that these people could bypass the United States Constitution to get an unpopular bill that the American people, by and large, don’t want passed.  I guess I underestimated a person who could actually get elected to the office of President. 

First of all, the president not showing up to campaign for Democrats isn’t a bad thing.  The president, trying to help, campaigned in Virginia, New Jersey, and Massachusetts.  Democrats lost in all those states.  So maybe the threat to not campaign may be a hollow threat.  I guess President Obama’s narcissism gave him the idea that all he had to do was show up and the simpletons in Virginia, New Jersey, and Massachusetts would just go along.  He was wrong.

The arm-twisting is a thing to behold.  He and the leadership in the House and Senate have instructed the Democrats to fall on their political swords, even trotting out a Congresswoman who fell on her sword, telling stories about how great life is after Congress.  (Look it up).  They have tried to bribe and buy off people, have pushed junior congressmen and women around, and have stated that if they can’t get healthcare one way, they’ll get it another.  They have lied, manufactured facts, and trotted out “victims of the healthcare system,” including a little kid whose mother died, according to the Democrats, because she lost her healthcare. 

But these tactics pale in comparison to the deem and pass angle.  If you don’t know how this works, the house will vote on fixes to the senate bill and approve it, and, therefore, say that the senate bill is passed, without voting on the bill directly.  Remember, the bill that will be voted on later this week doesn’t exist.  Remember that article 1 of the US Constitution says that the president can’t sign into law a bill that has not been approved by a 2/3 majority in both the house and the senate.  These tactics are an affront to the rules drawn up by our founders.  Of course, if you listen to the progressives, the Constitution is an antique, a living document, and open to interpretation.  What part of 2/3 is hard to understand?  The Constitution and the government it created have lasted 230 years.  We managed to get by without social security and welfare and government healthcare for a long time.  Does the system need to be reformed?  Yes.  Is government smart enough to do it?  Look at Medicare.  There’s your answer.

There isn’t much doubt in my mind that if this does pass with the deem and pass nonsense, it will be in front of the US Supreme Court so fast it will make your head swim.  (Article 3 of the Constitution sets up rules for the Judicial Branch).  And, if the Justices are true Constitutionalists, or even if they can read the Constitution, they’ll have to throw this out. 

Phone lines to the Capitol have been jammed.  People are getting answering machines, or busy signals.  Americans see this for what it is.  A grab for control of your life. 

I work in the power generation business.  I’ve heard talk of “smart grids” from Obama and other leftists.  I wondered what it meant.  It sounds like grids will be constructed that will diminish wasted electrical power and save energy.  It will. A smart grid is a system where the power coming into your home or business is controlled off site.  That means if you are given an allotment of KWH to use during a month and exceed that allotment 26 days into the month, the power company can turn off your power.  Not too attractive a prospect in New York in January, or Georgia in August.  That’s what these guys want.  Control.

They have all but succeeded in getting God out of everything government, schools included.  They have all but succeeded in getting education systems to be transformed into indoctrination centers.  Now they are going after your health.  They will be able to dictate what you eat, where you work, what kind of medical care you can get, and you will lose freedom. 

It’s a slippery slope, kids.  Keep calling the Capitol.  Not that they are listening.  After all, they know better than you do what you need, and they are there to provide it, whether you want it or not. 

Remember, to a progressive, the ends justify the means.  If you get your kid to eat broccoli by starving them for a week, to a progressive that’s okay.  Except that your kid isn’t yours.  He/she belongs to the government.  You are just watching them until they can serve government.


3 Responses to “Deem and Pass Tactic Spits on Constitution”

  1. nooneofanyimport Says:

    I have no interest in having this comment officially posted. But wanted to let you know, it sounds above like bills must have 2/3 majority as a matter of course thru Art I sec 7. But they only need 2/3 if president vetoes. Otherwise a simple majority will do.

    It is so confusing, because 1)we are not used to needing to follow the process so carefully, and 2)they are bastardizing the process so skillfully. Normally, the House passes first, and if the Senate makes changes when it passes, then it kicks back to the House, plus changes, for another House vote.

    But not this time. Cuz the House and Senate can’t agree! Which means they don’t have the votes for this freaking mess of a socialist agenda, even though the Dems are in majority. Yet, they are trying to hammer the square peg (Senate version) into the round hole (House), because its “close enough for gov’t work.” Nevermind the Constitution which says a bill that raises revenue must ORIGINATE in the House, and all bills must pass BOTH HOUSES which duh you lib pukes means the SAME bill with the SAME language.

    Whew. Calming down now.

    Finally, don’t be so comforted by the Supreme Court. A case has to be ripe, the plaintiff must have standing and actual damage, and it can’t be a mere “political question” which the Court cannot hear, and the case has to be determined on the merits and not some procedural issue thru the trial, appeals, and Supreme level. Plus whatever else I’m forgetting from my prior life.

    Anyway, I’m glad you are out here, blogging. Is comforting to a mom like me, who sees no interest in the parents around the school yard.

    • babaje2 Says:

      Thanks again for setting me straight.

      A simple majority will do if that’s what the rules of the house of congress say. But these rules can’t be changed or ignored when you don’t have the votes. And, regardless of what President Obama told Brett Baier, process matters. I’ve figured out through observation and opinions of others that progressives really do feel that the end justifies the means. This is exactly the kind of mindset that caused the holocaust.

      Anyway, thanks for reading and commenting. I finally have a regular reader with a different last name than mine.


      • nooneofanyimport Says:

        ha ha ha I know whatcha mean about new regular readers. I get a handful a day, mostly b/c I’m a beggar who hunts for readers. Shoot that is why I found you. But I love finding other every day people like me, who aren’t “in the big leagues” at hot air, big gov’t, nat’l review, etc etc. It’s important that we all start engaging in the civic conversation again, huh? Prayers and all for this weekend, Linda

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