Thank God for Brett Baier and Fox News

I didn’t get a chance to DVR Brett Baier’s interview with President Obama a couple of nights ago. 

Luckily, I didn’t miss anything anyway. 

Watching a sitting president become agitated and exasperated by being asked tough questions made me sad.  I know that President Obama and the media have a “special” relationship, one Bernard Goldberg calls a “Slobbering Love Affair,” but you’d think it was the first time he was interviewed. 

Wait.  It was the first time.  Possibly the second time, since Bill O’Reilly got a shot at him some months back.  But this was the first really tough interview. 

Brett would not let Obama hold the ball and run out the clock, which it was apparent from watching highlights of the interview was his strategy.  He gave long, rambling answers that included all the same talking points from the past fourteen months.  And when the president’s mind wandered a little, Brett set him back on course.  The president would not answer Brett’s direct question about Deem and Pass.  Obama said that whatever they vote on is a vote for or against healthcare reform and he implied that any other intention should not be entertained. 

Does this man not realize we are a nation where the rule of law is supposed to be at least observed, if not obeyed?  He was a law professor for crying out loud.  Maybe that’s where he learned about all these tactics.  It must say in the Constitution that if you can’t pass something you want one way, you can try another angle until you get what you want. 

I assure you it does not say that.  It says that a bill must pass both houses of Congress and be signed by the president to be a law.  And the bill must be reconciled between houses.  In other words, both houses must pass a bill with the same language before the president is allowed to sign it into law. 

I was not aware that Deem and Pass had been used before.  Twenty two times in the last thirty years.  Clearly, these laws must be looked at again, because this isn’t right.  It’s not what our founders’ vision was on creation of laws. 

Obama, Reid, and Pelosi will go down in history as the by hook or by crook government.  Don’t pay attention to the American people.  They are a bunch of bumpkins who don’t know how best to spend their money, so we’ll confiscate it and spend it wisely.  Like a $300,000 National Endowment for the Arts grant to artists who pee in a jar and call it art.  Yeah, I trust the government. 

And these arrogant jerks are so confident that they will pass this bill, they won’t let Fox News have more than fifteen minutes of the president’s time.  Obama knew better than to let a guy like Hannity interview him before the election.  If he had, Obama would probably be doing pro-bono law work on the south side of Chicago while attending Weather Underground meetings. 

Fox is the network that is balanced.  Rarely do they tell only one side of a story.  Where Fox is saying how many votes short the Democrats are to pass the bill, CNN is reporting how many votes are needed to defeat the bill.  They do this because They want it to look like it won’t be a close vote.  It will. 

I pray to God this thing doesn’t pass. But if it does, I know I can count on Beck, O’Reilly and the rest to get it right.


One Response to “Thank God for Brett Baier and Fox News”

  1. nooneofanyimport Says:

    Excellent post.

    I was just watching an old 1989 newsclip of Rostenkowski being harrassed by a bunch of seniors over “Cat Care,” some healthcare bill I know nothing about. It’s hilarious, but that is beside the point. I want to dovetail with your position about the media’s special relationship w/Dems.

    The news reporter did not have that overly gushing, protective, defensive stance I seem to hear so much today. Even though Rost. was a Dem, right? I didn’t follow politics then, I was 18, lol. Based on that one clip, the difference b/t today’s media and a mere 11 years ago is astonishing to me.

    Here’s the clip:

    I went to the DC protest yesterday; check out my post if you are interested

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