Liberal Utopia One Step Closer


Well, it happened.  Team Pelosi bribed, intimidated, promised and twisted arms until they got the votes they needed, without any legislative tricks. 

At last, the liberal utopia is one step closer.  A place where you have all you need without fear of want.  A place where the same government that can’t run Amtrack or the Postal Service in a manner that makes a profit will be sure you have all you need. 

Let’s see…  what else do we have that makes us closer to utopia? 

Our government pays our old people their “pensions” when they retire. 

Our government also takes care of those same people’s medical care.

Our government takes care of the poor by dangling a carrot in front of them, but just long enough to get them off the couch, to which they return as soon as they have the carrot.  The government also takes care of their health care.

The government controls what is taught in government schools.  Achievement is no longer the point.  Participation is.  The result is a couple of generations of people who don’t know anything about Daniel Boone, George Washington, or Samuel Adams.  Well, to be more precise, what they do know is a liberal’s revision of history.  “Washington was a slave owner!  How could he possibly be a good man?”  The government schools have also taught a generation of kids to loathe themselves, simply by not teaching them the basics about math and science.

Now, these same people have claimed control of your very life.  They have claimed the ability to tell you when you will get a procedure, where you will get it, and how much it will cost. 

What’s next?  Will they claim the ability to tell you where to live and where to work?  Will they tell you what kind of car to purchase?  They are mandating health insurance.  Why not tell you that you can only drive your SUV 37 miles a year and you must use a Smart Car for your daily driver?  Relenquishing control of this portion of your life is a slippery slope. 

Now, I’ve ranted and raved in this blog about this bill.  There are some decent ideas in the bill.  But the idea that Americans, the most independent and innovative people on the planet need government to provide health insurance irks me.  I don’t need government help for this.  If my company stops providing health insurance, I’ll buy it elsewhere.  Until there is no longer an “elsewhere.” 

Remember that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said that the bill must be passed so we could see what’s in it.  Now that we see what’s in it, I’m not impressed.  And it’s pretty disgusting to see President Obama and the Sociocrats crowing about how they’ve won.  Remember what Obama’s goal here is:  Fundamental Transformation of our country.  To what? 

Looks like European style socialism to me.   Remember that the government now has control of about 46% of the economy.  I don’t know where you draw the line for socialism, but that’s too close for me. 

Remember also that all of these claims of deficit reduction are nothing but smoke and mirrors.  The bill intentionally omits $350 billion for the so-called “doc fix,” a plan to increase reimbursement from Medicare, while cutting funding for Medicare to the tune of about $500 billion.   And also don’t forget that the taxes start now, but benefits don’t start until after the 2012 elections.

My challenge to you is to remember this day.  Don’t buy into the Democrat campaign ads that say, “Look!  Nothing happened like the Republicans said it would!  You still have your health insurance!  We didn’t put them out of business!”  Unless they add the word “yet” to that last one, they are being dishonest.  The timetable for this thing strangely coincides with the elections in November and in 2012.  Nothing really happens, except for the taxes on those evil rich people.  Those same people who got an education and have made themselves useful.  These butt monkeys have to now support those who have not made themselves useful.  The people who make in excess of $250,ooo for a couple, will see their taxes increase by at least 8% and will probably reach even higher if you include capital gains taxes. 

My challenge to you is to be vigilant.  Don’t buy the lies.  I won’t.  And I’ll keep you up on what’s happening.


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