“Social Justice” and the Modern Liberal

I’ve been thinking lately a lot about the agenda for the modern liberal.  I’m speaking, of course, of the liberal politician, not the liberal citizen, who makes the liberal politician possible. 

If you listen to what President Obama says, the word “justice” keeps coming up.  Whether it’s economic justice, or the more common phrase “social justice,” the implication is that we have to do something do undo an injustice.  The healthcare bill is an example of that. 

What injustice are we talking about, exactly?  The president and Democrats in congress have gone out of their way to make this healthcare thing “moral,” trying to appeal to the American value of answering to a higher authority.  But not the authority you are thinking of. 

The modern liberal sees American business as evil and manipulating.  After all, if businesses were honest and good, there would be no poor people, right?  Businesses wouldn’t make money and “obscene profits” and not “spread the wealth around,” as then Candidate Obama told Joe Wurzlebacher, or “Joe the Plumber.”  To the modern liberal, the opportunity is not what’s important.  The result is. 

What has been done in the name of “social justice?” 

First, we needed to take care of our old people.  Who would be against that?  Forget for a moment that it was supposed to be temporary.  The Social Security system is now paying out more than it takes in in the form of Social Security taxes.  That can’t last, not with baby boomers beginning to retire. But we can’t turn our back on our seasoned citizens when they need us most, can we?  If our seasoned citizens haven’t had their paychecks raided their entire lives and have taken responsibility for their own retirement, they don’t need government retirement. 

This completes step on in the nanny state’s establishment. 

Next, we need to help our poor who can’t afford to get good medical care.  It’s our moral responsibility, right?  First off, why are our poor poor?  If you listen to the modern liberal, they are victims of an unjust society, not a string of discarded opportunities and bad choices.  In the interest of justice, we should force the people who got an education and have made themselves useful pay for medical care for the leeches in our society.  (There’s that word again.  Justice).

Next, we need to get our seasoned citizens medical care in their old age.  Again, it’s our moral responsibility.  So, we will confiscate money from the producers to fund this.  Who can be against helping old people?  Remember that the Medicare law was passed when companies actually provided retirement pensions for their loyal employees.  In essence it wasn’t even necessary.  Unless you worked for a company that didn’t have a pension plan, or were not a union member. 

Hey, we should help our poor live.  We should take money from those that have money and give it to those that don’t.  Again, removing wealth from productive citizens to subsidize non-productive ones.  It’s only fair.  I mean, with these people being victims and all. 

Now, we must provide health insurance for everyone.  It’s not fair for some people to have great coverage (like labor unions and congress) and others to have nothing (like young healthy people and illegal immigrants).  So we’ll dip into the till again and take money from those that have and give to those than don’t. 

Boy, sounds like having money is a bad idea. 

This is the most basic of Marxist principles.  And when you have President Obama’s new spiritual advisor saying that the gospel is all about wealth redistribution, how can you argue with that?  Well, for starters, it’s not true. 

The gospel is about faith and redemption.  It’s a teaching that is supposed to instruct humans on how be charitable, how to care for our fellow man, how to serve God.  Not how to pickpocket a rich dude and give his money to a homeless crack addict. 

Do you see any injustices in the items I’ve outlined above?  I do.  It’s criminal to steal one person’s wealth.  It doesn’t matter what you do with it.  It’s theft.  Plain and simple. 

Look, kids, don’t fall for this “social justice” melarky.  To President Obama and other progressives, it means forcibly taking the property of one citizen and giving it to another, and masking it as righting some societal wrong.  It’s theivery.  Period.  If you want to buy into the class warfare and hate the rich and demand that their wealth be confiscated, be careful about accumulating any wealth for yourself.  But seriously, who would buy into that that could accumulate any wealth? 

President Obama’s a rich guy.  So is Joe Biden.  Al Gore is filthy rich.  And these guys don’t give much of their riches to charity.  Unlike Rush Limbaugh, Hannity, Glenn Beck and the rest.  George W. Bush and Dick Cheney give over ten percent of their incomes to charity.  Combined, Obama, Biden and Gore don’t give ten percent.  But the misers are the ones who preach class warfare.  They want you jealous of the rich, so it makes it easier for them to steal from the rich. 

The poor in this country aren’t victims of some societal conspiracy, except the ones purpotraited by the Jesse Jacksons and Al Sharptons and Barack Obamas of the country.  The conspiracy that says “You don’t have to take care of yourself.  Government will take care of you.”  It’s twentieth century slave mentality where the government master shares a few crumbs with the enslaved poor. 

The poor are enslaved by their own lack of ambition and motivation.  Like Benjamin Franklin said, if they had to take care of themselves, the would take care of themselves. 

Social justice has nothing to do with justice, unless you think it unjust that rich people want to keep their own money, and distribute it as they see fit.  If the poor in this country want to blame someone for their poverty, start out by blaming the person in the mirror. 

Whenever you hear the phrase “social justice,” I want you to replace that word in your mind with “Marxism.”  That’s precisely what it is.  Taking from each according to his means, giving to each according to his needs.  Karl Marx.  Straight up.


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