Threats Cut Both Ways in Dissatisfaction With Healthcare

The media in the US can’t seem to wait to present stories about threats against Democrats after the vote on Obamacare.  One has been played repeatedly in which a woman calls Bart Supak names.  To a liberal, being called names is a “threat.”  I guess gunshots into a Republican’s office doesn’t qualify as a threat.  Maybe a liberal saying that President Bush should die isn’t too threatening.  The death threats against Newt Gingrich in 1994 weren’t reported as vigorously as these “threats” against Stupak and other statists who voted to destroy our healthcare system in the name of “social justice,”  claiming healthcare is a “basic right” for people. 

Look, in every crowd there are some nuts, and the don’t all have an R after their name.  The difference is that when liberals lash out, they tend to throw stuff, shoot people, and act out in violent ways a lot more than conservatives do.  It’s not to say that there are no instances of conservative violence.  It’s simply that the media won’t report liberal violence like they do conservative violence.  And in this case, the violence consists of name calling. 

Let’s think about this.  If one half of one percent of all people are nut cases who would actually do something, in America, that means 1.5 million people.  That’s a lot of people.   If we assume that there is an even split between liberal and conservative, that means 750,000 of each.  I’m sure there are more than 750,000 police, state police, FBI, ICE and other law enforcement officers.  A person that wants to do harm to someone is going to have a tough time getting to an elected official.  So why are the Democrats so terrified? 

They’re not.  The kind of behaviors that result in death are usually exhibited by liberals.  The Dems say that this is terrorism, and it’s a way to hijack the debate.  Only if you are a pantywaste liberal who quakes in fear at your own shadow.  The liberals know that they are wrong in this.  So every incident of one person venting over the vote of a congressperson will be blown completely out of proportion by the media.  The media is providing some cover for these guys by trying to discourage anyone from openly and strongly disagreeing with Obamacare. 

We should not be afraid to voice our opinions.  We should not get in the mud and call names and threaten because that has no place in the debate.  If we stick to the facts and keep our cool, we win every time because the facts support our point of view.  Both sides should truly believe this.  You know you have someone on the ropes when they are forced to resort to name calling and threats. 

Liberals out there, don’t worry.  We won’t kick your butts.  I’d rather debate.  I’d rather match wits with you.  I know that I can win that matchup.

Every time.


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