Freedom Of Speech? Not in Canada

Ann Coulter recently visited a couple of Canadian universities to speak.  Well, she visited one, and was univited from the other.  Why, you may ask?  Because the ultra sensitive liberal pantywaste college students were offended by a joke.  That’s right.  A joke. 

It’s no mystery that Ann overstates for theatrical effect.  She exaggerates.  Her delivery is such that it’s hard to tell if she joking sometimes.  Now, this joke, if I were a Muslim, may have been offensive.  But it was a joke.  Ann was speaking about Muslims and airline travel.  She has said in the past that all Muslims should be on a watch list for boarding airplanes.  Now she thinks they should be on a no fly list.  She has suggested that Muslims use a magic carpet if they want to fly somewhere.  When asked by a young woman in Muslim attire at the University of Ontario what Muslims should do if they didn’t have a magic carpet, Coulter responded with “They can take a camel.”

Okay.  Maybe a little crass.  Maybe in poor taste.  But IT”S A JOKE.  Ann is a pretty funny person, if you understand the subject matter and don’t have too thin a skin. 

The fallout over this has been epic.  It’s no secret that liberals infest colleges in the US, and I guess we can assume that they are also all over the place in Canada as well.  A University official, whom I shall not name, during an interview with Bill O’Reilly said that the reaction from students, which includes shouting creative phrases like “No hate speech on our campus,” and “Get Ann Coulter off our campus,” and flipping her the bird, was because they didn’t like the tone of her speech.  This official said that college campuses aren’t the place for this kind of rhetoric.  She called it “hate speech.”  Ann could speak somewhere else, but not at schools. 

Really?  I thought colleges were supposed to be EXACTLY the place for this kind of rhetoric.  Colleges are supposed to be places where ideas are exchanged in a forum that allows free thinking.  Freedom of speech is supposed to extend to people who don’t agree with you, too.  Colleges cannot turn out enligtened and truly educated grads if they don’t allow opposing views to be expressed in the speaker’s own words.  If colleges taught Ben Franklin and Thomas Paine, they might find some of these men’s words offensive.  By making a speaker censor their words, the force the speaker to censor their ideas.  It is possible to be civil and polite while agreeing with someone.  However, the parties involved both understand much more quickly if the tone of the exchange is more intense.  In other words, your kid may know they’ve done something wrong if you calmy put them in timeout, but they’ll remember not to do it again if you blow a gasket and rip them a new one.  Same principle.  And apparently, Canadian college students need to be handled the same way I handled my kids when they were five. 

I don’t know what Canada’s constitution says about free speech.  I’m going to go out on a limb here and assume that it doesn’t say you are free to speak as long as you don’t offend anyone.  Otherwise, the word “eh” would have been uttered for the last time and Canada’s top entertainment industry would be street mimes.  No one could talk.  Any point of view WILL offend someone.  It’s a human fact. 

I wonder if these students would get all bent out of shape if a Marxist college professor engaged in “hate speech” about President Bush.  I wonder if they would protest a US Senator accusing American soldiers of “terrorizing women and children in the dead of night,” or “killing civilians in cold blood.”  My guess is that the response would be tepid, at best. 

If colleges and universities are afraid of hearing both sides of a debate and refuse to allow those who disagree a voice, what kind of education can a student get?  If educational institutions hide behind “hate speech” to shield themselves from criticism, perhaps it’s time for that institution to shut down, because the free exchange of ideas has been superceded by political zeal.  If these places are worried about being sued, maybe they should be because people will sue for any reason at any time.  But it doesn’t mean they were wrong to have Ann Coulter deliver a speech.  She is direct and provacative.  She would spur thought in an organism that wasn’t brain dead, which, sadly, many of these “academics” seemed to be.  That’s what college is supposed to be about.

All I can really say is that it’s a good thing she wasn’t giving a speech on single mothers.  I’ll bet there were a few in the crowd, and Ann is merciless when it comes to single mothers. 

It’s a sad day when an institution of higher learning prohibits free speech.  I guess a half-educated Canadian is better than an uneducated one, but I think the end results are the same.  An inability to think and debate without spitting, throwing, or making vulgar gestures. 

Good luck, Canada.  I’ll pray for you all.  I’m sure prayer up there is considered “hate speech.”


One Response to “Freedom Of Speech? Not in Canada”

  1. nooneofanyimport Says:

    Ah political correctness, it never lets us down. But it also never, never applies to hate speech towards Corporations, or Conservatives, or Christians.

    Speaking of PC here is a laugh: a Dem Rep made a no-no joke about hating Japanese anime, lol

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