Jesse Jackson on Greta

Wednesday night, the “Reverend” Jesse Jackson appeared on Greta Van Susteren’s show, On The Record, to comment on what the Obama administration should do next, since they got the ridiculous healthcare legislation passed. 

I was amazed.

Jackson appeared to be a stuttering buffoon, locked into the liberal talking points.  Greta asked him directly what the Obama administration should do to address the job loss issue in America.  Jackson showed some dexterity in dodging this question, looking like Muhammad Ali, and sounding like him to boot. 

Jackson commented on the healthcare bill more than jobs.  He said the healthcare bill is the “moral” thing to do.  So is praying in school, but Jackson routinely supports liberals who want God out of every part of our lives.  Odd for a “Reverend,” isn’t it? 

He hit all the talking points.  Obama inherited the recession.  We went from the biggest budget surplus to the biggest deficit in the Bush years.  Improving access to healthcare morally right.  Yeah, yeah, yeah, Jess.  We’ve heard it all before. 

Bush inhertited a recession too.  He cut taxes.  This stimulated the economy to the point that we were at statistical zero unemployment for six of his eight years in office, and that includes the attack on the WTC.  Unfortunately, he also increased spending and reduced interest rates to the point that there is no room to reduce them further to hedge against inflation.  This contributed directly to the increased budget deficit. 

I mention this because the liberals are always doing stuff like this.  Their guy has been in office a little over one year and quadrupled the biggest deficit we ever saw under Bush.  No mention of this from the “Reverend.”  He has also managed to get control of banks and financial institutions, auto companies, and now the health insurance industry.  I wonder if stealing someone’s liberty is “morally right?”

Jackson proved himself to be as inconsequential as he is insincere.  I’ve always thought of him as a shakedown artist and extortionist.  Now I see him as a sad memory of the civil rights movement, a man who could not survive if he didn’t keep hate flowing from black Americans toward everyone else. 

No wonder he admires Obama so much.


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