Navratilova Diagnosis a Reminder to Women

Tennis great Martina Navratilova has been diagnosed with breast cancer.  Her doctor says it’s a “best case scenario” for cancer detection, and that the form of cancer is non-invasive and that her prognosis is excellent. 

I’ve complained about the pink ribbons on every product known to man on this blog before, but that’s not about cancer.  It’s about marketing. 

Today, it’s about cancer.

If a healthy woman like Navratilova, who takes care of her body and is in good shape can get cancer, anyone can.  It’s a powerful reminder that we need to be vigilant about our health.  Breast cancer screenings are embarrassing and uncomfortable, I’ve been told.  Death is pretty bad, too, which with a more aggressive form of cancer can occur quickly if it’s not caught as early as possible.  Ladies, do yourselves a favor and get screened.  The life you save could be yours.  And you may just preserve your boobies for the further beautification of the world. 

I am a little over forty and have gotten a prostate exam twice in the past two years.  My dad has prostate cancer, so I’m going to keep a close watch on it for myself. 

I remember Navratilova’s battles with Chris Evert being epic tennis battles, if there is such a thing.  She was an imposing figure on the court and always put on a good show.  Now she is in a battle for her life against an enemy that is pretty predictable.  Sounds like she may be set up to win this battle, too.

My prayers are with her, and again, ladies, do us all a favor and get screened.  A beautiful rack is a terrible thing to waste.


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