Progressives Strike at Free Speech (Again)

This MSNBC article describes a California college’s attempts to give an impression of impropriety regarding a contract between Sarah Palin and the university to give a speech there.

California State University students, on a tip, went to the administration building where shredding of documents regarding the Palin speech was taking place.  These bright students then thought to rummage around in a trash bin to find, among the shredded documents, an intact page containing details of Palin’s contract. 

These students have been interviewed by Bill O’Reilly recently and have stated that their problem with Palin is not ideological.  Instead, they are upset that the University, and the Stanislaus Foundation specifically, are spending Univerity funds and not disclosing any details of where the money is going.  In these financial times, this approach seems sensible. 

However, the Stanislaus foundation says that Palin’s compensation is being provided by private donors, people who, no doubt, wish to get some sense into the stoneheaded students at Cal State. 

This is nothing more than an attempt by progressives to attempt to paint a conservative with a less than flattering brush.  Palin lives in Alaska.  She gets paid to speak to many different groups.  She has to fly to get there.  Why should she fly in coach?  Al Gore doesn’t fly coach when going to a global warming speech.  He takes a private jet and emits more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere on one trip than I emit driving my SUV for a YEAR.  Where is the outrage?  The progressives say that Gore is important and shouldn’t be bothered with following the rules he wants us to follow.  Why can’t a conservative do the same thing? 

These students are being disingenuous at a minimum, and out and out lying at worst.  These innocent kids, once full of promise, have now been indoctrinated into the progressive thinking.  If you want to stop someone from disagreeing with you, attempt to silence them.  Print lies or exaggerations that will make the person stop speaking, traveling, breathing, whatever.  If you can’t win with ideas, discredit the opposition.  Paint them as dumb or shallow, question their integrity, honesty, or past associations.  Attack their family, their friends, their home state.  Accuse them of being a racist, a criminal, or a sexual deviant.  Put someone like Katie Couric out there to ask questions about the capital of Zimbabwe.  Have morons like Bill Maher and Keith Olbermann make jokes about how inconsequential they are.  Interview one of the two people in their hometown who don’t like the person, and say on the air that “popular opinion says…”  Ignore people who have good things to say, ignore the record of the person, and for the love of Pete, don’t ask them face to face about some issue that is in question, because the truth doesn’t matter.  Image does.  Of course, none of these things apply to progressives who associate with Marxists and self proclaimed Communists, like our President did (and does.)

These kids can say that they don’t have an ideological problem with Palin.  They would be lying.  This is nothing more than an attempt to get Mrs. Palin to forego the speech, and thus, have here ideas locked up and put safely away from California State students who so badly need some common sense.  This is an attempt to silence her.  Pure and simple. 

I hope that Sarah gives the speech.  I hope that the pantywaste liberals on campus show their true colors.   The progressive media accuses Tea Partiers of being violent, but all of the violence perpetrated at the Tea Parties was done by liberals.  I hope that the Governor can talk some sense into these progressively hardened minds. 

But, hey, it’s California.  They don’t call it the land of fruits and nuts for nothing.  Only a place where the biggest industry is make believe could come up the ridiculous things they have come up with.  Starve farmland of water to save a fish that isn’t endangered.  Elect Nancy Pelosi and Barbara Boxer.  Try to build windfarms to generate electricity, then have environmentalists protest the use of public lands for that purpose.  (There isn’t a hell of a lot of private land left in any western state.  The Federal Government owns 67% of New Mexico.)  Address a deficit problem by increasing spending.  (Oops.  Forgot that’s how we do it now.  Sorry.)

The progressives want to eliminate conservative speech in colleges.  They want to use the FCC to eliminate it on the airwaves.  They have already removed any mention of God from government buildings.  They are indoctirnating our kids to collectivism starting in kindergarten. 

I have a question.  What happens when progressives are no longer in charge?  They will scream about their first amendment rights, you know, the ones they denied conservatives while they had power.  They will sue because they think their “civil rights” have been violated.  They’ll protest, riot, and cause general mayhem, then complain that too many of one race or another went to jail for rioting.  The media will fawn, what’s left of it, anyway, about the “good ole days” of Barack Obama and his free speech hit squad.  “They let us say anything we wanted,” they’ll pine, “and they propped up our propaganda rag with taxpayer money.”  Of course, conservatives won’t limit free speech, because they don’t need to.  They’ll let idiots burn the president in effigy, because they have a right to do so.  They’ll allow liberals to be on radio, for a while, until the radio networks figure out that nobody wants to listen to Alan Colmes or any other liberal.  Conservatives will argue for liberty. 

I hope they win.  We can’t stand much more of this progressivism.  How far down the wrong track will we be taken by Obama?  Not much farther, I hope. 



2 Responses to “Progressives Strike at Free Speech (Again)”

  1. Montana Says:

    Thanks to McCain (who now claims that he never called himself a maverick) we all now have to listen to her trash talk. She spends her days trash talking it is only fitting that someone found a great place for her contract. I guess some dumpster diving found it, All’s Well That Ends Well.

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