The Takeover: Part 3 Financial Finality

Now that the Obama administration has control of GM and Chrysler, owns several banks and financial institutions, and has a law that allows them to get control of another one fifth of the economy, they have set their sights on a new target.  All business. 

Congressman Chris Dodd has written up a bill that is supposed to reform financial institutions.  Instead, it puts in the hands of one commission and ultimately, the President of the United States, decision making power on which businesses are too big to fail.  Or whose failure might cause a ripple in the economy.  Or businesses that won’t accept government bribes.  Or whatever. 

The point here is that this commission will pick winners and losers.  It could arbitrarily decide to break up any company it wishes, for any reason the government may be able to trump up.  With an anti-capitalist in the White House, this is bad. 

This bill came to see the light of day during the healthcare debate.  Now, here we are.  The government will make rules by which private companies must play, while the government can change the rules any time they wish, or put a company out of business if they want to.  They can fire any CEO they don’t like, they can take CONTROL of the company. 

The Marxist regime we have in charge right now will put health insurance companies out of business.  They will put financial companies out of business.  They will destroy the free market as one company after another falls victim to tax laws and overregulation. 

I hope you have stocked up on necessities.  They may not be available in a few years. 

Unless, that is, we fire these bastards in November. 

A bad Republican is still better than a good Democrat.  But a good Republican?  Let’s find ’em and fill the senate and congress with as many as we can. 

The country you save may be your own.


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