A Few Random Thoughts

Teenage boys are a ticking time bomb.  The difference between the two is that a decent parent hopes they ARE around when the teenage boy’s timer is up.

So, the president thinks that private companines should get into the space business, but get the hell out of every other business and let the government run them.  Still think Obama is the smartest president ever? 

Chile and Mexico are on board with the nuclear non proliferation plan proposed by Obama in Copenhagen.  If we can get Malaysia and Kenya on board, the world really will be safer. 

I’m so glad that the recession is over.  I mean, what, with unemployment dropping like a stone and all. 

Obama thinks we should thank him, or so he said in a speech on Tax Day.  He also continued in his attempt to marginalize the Tea Party movement.  Thanks, Mr. President.  I had to pay for the first time in my life.  I appreciate it.  Jerk. 

NBC was at a Tea Party rally on Wednesday, looking for black people cowering in the bushes.  To their chagrin, the black fellow they interviewed told them that the Tea Partiers were “my people.”  I guess NBC really is that stupid.

I saw Al Sharpton on O’Reilly the other night.  What a douche. 

I’ve had just about enough of listening to “civil rights leaders” complain about how unfair life is for blacks.  Slavery ended in 1865.  Segregation in the military ended in the fifties.  Segregation in government schools ended in the sixties.  Maybe if these “community organizers” would shut the hell up and help people get beyong their blackness, blacks could succeed at a greater rate than they do now. 

Pollen sucks. 

Pork rules.

My wife is cool and much better than what I deserve. 

I am a big jerk. 

Obama is a socialist.  If calling him a socialist because he wants the government to control where I work, how much money I can keep, who my doctor is and what treatments he can give me makes me a racist, I’m a racist.  He’s still a socialist. 

The reason socialism hasn’t worked anywhere isn’t because the wrong people have been in charge.  It’s because eventually, the government will run out of taxpayer money to redistribute. 

Being gay may not be a choice, as I have previously thought.  If the behavior of my dogs is any indication, gayness can be wired into a person’s personality. 

Will someone please stop Iran from getting a nuclear weapon?  Maybe a world superpower could do it.


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