Thank You, Mr. President

During a fundraising rally, President Barack Obama contiued castigating the Tea Party by saying that since he lowered their taxes, they should be thanking him, not protesting taxation. 

I’m going to thank him.

Thank you, Mr. President for seizing control of one sixth of the US economy.  I’m sure that with guys like Tim Geithner and Barney Frank close by, the healthcare industry is safe.  It is safe, if the healthcare industry is okay with being run by the government, which is exactly what’s going to happen. 

Thank you for painting a true American movement as a bunch of ignorant hicks.  The Tea Parties are obviously racist because the majority of people who show up there are white.  The MAJORITY, not the ENTIRETY.  There are a few people of color in the crowds.  There are also Democrats and Independents in the crowds.   It shows fear that you have to create lies about use of the “n” word and spitting on black politicians to enrage your base.  And they are LIES.  There has not been one shred of evidence that any of that stuff happened, even after Bill O’Reilly put up a $100,000 reward for proof of racist wrongdoing.  I know this sounds like Bob Beckel saying that a particular Democrat was never convicted of an accusation by Sean Hannity, but it is just as true. 

Thanks Mr. President for crapping all over Israel.  Saying that you might shoot down Israeli aircraft if they strike at Iran is sooooo stupid.  Israel is the only western style democracy in the middle east.  I guess you, Mr. President,  don’t think that it is as important to promote Western freedom as it is to appease crackpot dictators. 

While we are talking about appeasement, thanks for signing a deal with Russia to dismantle nuclear weapons and stop a missle defense shield in eastern Europe.  It was a good bargain, one that Russia can back out of any time and one that we are bound by no matter what.  Good contract, there Mr. Attorney.  It’s no wonder you never practiced law.  Your clients would probably have entered into a contract where they paid for a house but never actually got to move in.  As a side note, the people of Poland and the Czech Republic are pissed at you.  You should send them a note or something.  It could say, “Sorry for exposing you to the possiblity of another Russian attack.  Sorry for putting your people out of work.  I’m doing the same over here.”  But you’d never apologize to a sovereign who wasn’t a third world dictator, would you? 

Thanks for embarassing those of us who actually LOVE our country by bowing and scraping in front of every international audience you can get.  Listening passively while Latin tyrants berate our country,  apologizing for unilateral decision making, bowing to the leaders of two nations, who did not bow to you.  Ahmadenijad is beside himself with giddiness over the weakness you are displaying.  Now you are guaranteeing his safety to kill his own people and develop a nuclear weapon by threatening a friend?  Your appeasement policies could just result in millions of our people dead.  But hey, maybe that’s what you want.

Finally, thank you for playing so much golf.   You don’t have anything more pressing to do, like to berate private industry for making profits, kiss some union butt, or invite some sixties radicals to the White House for tea and C4.  Besides, those country clubs need the money.  It comes from taxpayers ultimately, of course, but hey, what’s 32 rounds in 14 months?  Gotta pass the slow time doing something you love.  And I’m actually happy you are playing golf.  You can’t do as much damage to our country there as you can in your office or at the capital. 

Thanks.  I look forward to paying off the debt you’re accumulating.  Retirement is overrated anyway.


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