Georgia Artists Protest to Get Funding

When the Georgia Assembly made a decision to cut almost a million dollars to funding for the Georgia Council for the Arts, beaters and blowers sounded off.  Puppeteers pulled some strings, and actors seemed to be someone else. 

Okay, all bad puns adise, the Georgia Assembly submitted a budget that cut government funding to the arts council.  Georgia, like many other states, is going through a rough patch economically, and had to make cuts.  The arts council gathered what the AJC called “hundreds,” which in AJC speak is more like “a dozen or so,” unless it’s a Tea Party Rally.  In that case, hundreds equals thousands.  Any way, people were pretty upset about the loss of funding, shouting chants like “art equals jobs.”  You’d think truly creative people could come up with a better slogan.  Like “You can’t brush away painters,” or “We won’t dance out of the way,” or “My paintings really suck, I just want government money.” 

We’ve all heard about these “artists” who take the money the government gives them and then put on an “art”  show of jars filled with their own urine, or a canvas showing the Virgin Mary doing something lewd and lacivious to a sheep.  This is exactly the kind of “art” I would expect to get from a government funded program.  I do a little doodling now and then and I play music.  I can honestly say that poop is not now, nor has it ever been, a medium I want to work in.  I understand that art is in the eye of the beholder, but I, as a taxpayer, don’t feel like we should fund art at all anywhere but in school. 

That’s right.  The mistake governments make is funding art for adults in the first place.  The only government money spent on art should be in school, and every kid should have to take some kind of art class.  Music, visual, photography, something.  Teacher’s salaries and art supplies for kids is the only time I feel that, as a taxpayer, true art is being displayed. 

These “artists” ar the worst kind of moocher.  They “employ” themselves with grants from the NEA and display things that would make a billy goat scratch his beard.  True art has to come from the heart, and be shaped and molded into the artists feelings and personality.  I guess in the case of the urine guy, that was about it. 

If Americans knew the magnitude of these grants, they’d want to pee in a jar themselves, then pour it on whomever wrote the budget.  In some cases, we are talking hundreds of dollars.  In other cases, it’s tens of thousands of dollars.  Government sponsored art, which ususally consists of silent CD’s, blank canvasses, and bodily fluids tossed against a wall, is a phenomenal waste of money.  It’s the epitome of waste.  Someone who can’t do anything gets an art grant, then displays, what?  Crap.  Sometimes literally. 

Art skills must be developed and practiced over a period of many years to call the products “art.”  And true artists accept nothing but perfection in their art.  They are not satisfied with making off with thousands of my dollars and smoking some weed. 

I like all kinds of art and can appreciate even what others may consider deviant forms of art.  But if you struggle to get your art out there, I appreciate it a lot more.  I don’t like government moochers. 

So, when you see this kind of stuff, support the cuts.  Government does not equal art.  Artists equal art, and most of these guys are not artists.


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