Illegal Immigration Protests Explode in AZ

On Friday, Arizona’s governor signed into law a bill that allows police in Arizona to check the immigration status of people suspected of being in the US illegally.  A furor has been sparked over this, predictably, from anti-immigration reform people in Arizona.  The furor, however, has turned violent, unlike the Tea Party protests.  Interestingly enough, the mainstream media isn’t covering the violence that actually did happen like they did alleged violence that did not happen.  But I digress. 

The concerns from the left over this law are that some civil rights may be violated.  A poll taken today in Arizona says 73% of Arizonans support the law, and that 53% of the same people say that the law will be difficult to enforce without violating the civil rights of people here illegally. 

My response to the civil rights question is “SO WHAT?”  The people in question here are, by the act of being in this country, criminals.  They are breaking the law just by sneaking into our country.  By being here illegally, they forfeit some rights.  Civil rights are gloriously undefined, and any perceived sleight toward one group by another could raise a civil rights lawsuit.  Any perceived unfair treatment could raise a civil rights lawsuit.  Here’s an idea:  spell out who has what civil rights.  The way things stand right now, I could be sued for not holding the door open for a black person.  It’s not right.  That’s really the issue with the immigration deal.  Coming into our country and stressing local economies with more school age children, more emergency room visits, more expense to translate signage to the language of their native land, all that stuff isn’t right.  If you want to come to America for a better life, do it legally. 

I’ve been accused in the past of being a little too simplistic in my approach to complicated issues.  This one isn’t complicated at all.  People are breaking our laws.  Whatever the law says should happen to them should happen to them.  Deportation, imprisonment, whatever.  Enforce the law.  But, if you are a democrat fighting for your political life, the issue becomes complicated. 

On the one hand, you don’t want to upset a potential voting block by actually enforcing the law.  On the other hand, you don’t want to aggavate the people here who actually can vote by doing nothing. 

I find it interesting that Janet Napolitano, former governor of Arizona, vetoed similar legislation when she was in office, but approved of punishing businesses who hire illegals.  Since the president has shown a good deal of contempt for the private sector, it doesn’t surprise me that a cabinet member of his would react in this way. 

The real truth of all of this is that nothing you do will change the problem of illegal immigration until we secure the border with Mexico.  Once that’s done, then legislation can be more effective.  And the legislation should be three-pronged.  First, you hold the illegal invader responsible for what he or she has done.  Second, you punish businesses that profit from exploiting these people.  Finally, legal immigration needs to be streamlined.  It’s ridiculous for it to take 8 years for someone to be allowed to become a citizen.  Simple, right?  But, a good many of these people don’t want to be citizens.   They want to come here and work, send money back home, supporting the economies in their homelands, or just come here and live off the government teat.  That complicates things.   

The left has said that securing the border is cost prohibitive.  Not when you consider the cost to the local governments absorbed by providing services to these people.  You could probably get a couple of hundred people to donate the materials for a pretty strong fence.  You know.  An electrified one with constantine wire across the top.  This idea that a fence like this would cost billions of dollars is preposterous.  Even a twenty foot tall chain link fence is better than what we have now: nothing.  And a chain link fence just ain’t that expensive. 

I want to be clear here.  Legal immigration is what this country was built on.  Immigrants from all over the world have literally built up this country with the strength of their backs and the passions of their spirits.  These folks came here and became part of our society, bringing with them their cultures and customs.  They learned our language, worked and paid their taxes, and followed our laws.  They didn’t come here and demand that we issue them driver’s licenses in Spanish.  They didn’t come here and leave their family in the old country.  They came and did it right.   I’m not against legal immigration.  I’m against illegal immigration.  And I think if the president thinks that Latinos will mindlessly vote for Democrats if he gets them amnesty, he is miscalculating.  Most of these people have conservative family values, are religious, and don’t believe in handouts.  Not yet anyway.  They come here to escape poverty and opression.  They don’t want to trade one kind of opression of another kind.  And in the end, bigger government equals opression. 

I applaud Arizona.  They took action to protect their citizens from violent illegal immigration when the Federal government wouldn’t do anything to do so.  I don’t know if the law will stand, but I’m glad that someone finally forced the president’s hand.  Now, we’ll know if he is for amnesty for sure. 

As if there is any doubt.


2 Responses to “Illegal Immigration Protests Explode in AZ”

  1. phoenixalegra Says:

    Arizona’s new immigration law encourage slavery and Police abuse to immigrants most especially to illegal ones.

    • babaje2 Says:

      Thanks for taking the time to read my blog.

      I respectfully disagree with you. Slavery is already in place in the current system, especially for illegal immigrants. They are hired and work for less money than an American worker would take, therefore saving the company in question money. They are forced to live in hiding. Although the immigrants seem to live together in neighborhoods surrounded by other immigrants, so it wouldn’t be too hard to find these people if we wanted to. As far as police abuse, the law says that the cops can’t engage someone because of their race, that they must be involved in a traffic stop or some other police action before they can be asked to produce immigration credentials. But, I guess since all white people are bigots, and most cops are white, then, naturally, one must assume that the police will simply stop everyone who looks Latin and ask for papers. It’s this kind of thinking that keeps racial tension alive. This is not about race. It’s about law.

      It’s time for the laws of America to be respected by illegal invaders. America has and will welcome you with open arms if you follow the rules. If you don’t, you should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Period.

      Again, thanks for the time you took to read my blog. I’m an America first conservative. I don’t care about the plight of criminals in American prisons because they put themselves there. I don’t care about the plight of illegal immigrants because they are here illegally, and therefore, they are criminals.

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