Arizona Immigration Bill Text

Everybody is chiming in on the Arizona Immigration Law, so I thought I’d link to an explanation of each part of the Law.  Now that we have discovered this to be a “sin” as reported by HLN, I figured it might be a good idea to see the bill. 

All of the throwing around of the idea that this bill allows or requires Arizona law enforcement to stop and demand “papers” from suspected illegals is simply a lie.  This law actually says that stopping of someone for this purpose alone is not allowed by this law.  If, however, a person is stopped or involved in other police activity, then the police are allowed (and required) to establish the person’s immigration status.  The law even goes as far as what forms of ID are allowable. 

The leftist media’s use of the word “papers” is a ploy to instill the idea of Nazi Germany or Soviet Russia.  Don’t fall for it.  All it means is identification.  A valid Arizona driver’s licence is allowable, and if you are pulled over for speeding, you have to show that any way. 

There are those on the left that are also upset because there doesn’t appear to be any provisions for businesses who hire illegals.  Again, these people should read the bill.  It not only covers what happens to businesses who knowingly hire illegals or ignore the law with respect to their immigration status, it also covers people who pick up day laborers to do work for them.  If you pick up several people to build a deck for you, and you are pulled over for having a tail light out, you can be fined and your car impounded.  So, the myth that people who take advantage of illegals aren’t punished is again, a myth. 

As usual, the media, groups like La Raza, and the President of the United States himself, have intentionally distorted this law.  The law acutally says that the state can’t go farther than the Federal government, and that if the state needs to transport people who are apprehended and found to be here illegally, they must follow legal channels to do so. 

The president is counting on ignorance to carry the day here, just like he did in November, 2008.  Information and truth are the enemy of the modern liberal.  Ignorance, as they say, is bliss.  If you, the people, don’t know what’s in this bill, you have to believe what you are told, by the Obamamania media, to borrow a phrase from Sean Hannity.  Don’t believe them!  Do your own research.  I’ve added a link to the explanation of this bill and you can look a the actual text from there.  Do it. 

This law is not racist, is not bigoted, is not a sin.  It is an attempt by a state to enforce a law that the people who wrote the law refuse to enforce.  I hope other states adopt a similar stance. 

Next, I’d like to discuss the idea of boycotting Arizona.  San Fransisco has called for a boycott of all things Arizona.  So has an Arizona congressman.  An Arizona congressman.  Think about that.  He’s saying, “Hurt businesses in my state and hurt the citizens I’m supposed to represent for political purposes.”  If that doesn’t tell you all you need to know, well, you are pretty thick.  The people in power right now should be known as the Noseless Party, because they cut of their own noses just to spite their faces.  Obama went after fifty people who made ridiculous bonuses and hurt the entire world’s economy.  You think a few more unemployed people and shops going out of business will deter them?  This is about getting the people here illegally to become citizens so they will vote for Democrats.  At any cost.  These people will ignore our laws and national soveriegnty to get more votes. 

It’s time for them to be fired.  Obama has asked blacks, Latinos, and women to get energized and vote in the mid term elections.  I guess the guilty white liberals who voted for him are no longer welcome. 

Read the law.  Decide for yourself.  Send me a comment.  But think for yourself, and don’t be led over the cliff by the shepherd and his band of losers.


2 Responses to “Arizona Immigration Bill Text”

  1. P.A. Says:

    You want us to read the text of bill? How about including a link to the text, genius?

    • babaje2 Says:

      Thanks for the comment on my post.

      As I explained in the post, the LINK included explains the provisions of
      the bill. I will change the title, so as not to mislead.

      Clint Eastwood defines a genius who does something he hates well. I definitely fall
      into this category.

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