U.N. Proves its Own Uselessness

In case there was any doubt about the United Nations, over the weekend they put a cherry on top of their own uselessness.  This group of nations that is supposed to support worldwide harmony and peace has allowed Iran to sit on the women’s rights council.  Iran.  Women’s rights.  It sounds the same as saying “saddle up your crocodile” or “I’m a little pregnant,” or “the healthcare bill will cost some money.”  It just doesn’t jibe. 

When you take into account that Iran’s record on its treatment of women is not what most would call stellar, this appointment is absurd.  It’s like putting President Obama on a council for how to run a successful business.  He doesn’t know anything about it.  Last week, Iran reported that women with a suntan would be arrested.  ARRESTED for tanning.  Why?  Because it’s making Allah mad and that’s why there have been earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.  Really?  Allah is good with terrorists killing themselves and others in his name, but an already browning person can’t get further brown themselves?   And the UN is good with all this? 

The United Nations should rename themselves to the Useless Numbskulls.  It sounds like a name for a rock band.  But they have proven on more than one occasion that they aren’t interested in promoting peace or prosperity, unless it means confiscating US wealth and giving it to “developing nations.”  You know, nations where the people don’t know what causes AIDS to spread.    Nations that don’t have even modest living amenities.  And we get to pay for it all.  The United States pays five billion dollars a year just to be in the UN.  That’s besides anything else we would be obliged to pay for.  Any UN brokered deal that we are involved in is a screw job for the US.  We can’t get out of the deal.  We have pay for everything.  We are destroying the planet with our infidel SUVs. 

Now, Iran is on a women’s rights council.  What’s next?  Germany on the Capitalism Council?  How about Palestine being on the peace council? 

The United Nations is an international fleecing the US organization that supports global terror.  Now, they have proven that their judgement is not good and their inetntions can’t be anything but evil.  Maybe we should pull the plug on our support for the UN.  After all, you join a group to benefit all the members, right? 

The only benefits we seem to get are to find out how our troops look in powder blue uniforms.  It didn’t work for the Braves in the 80’s, and it ain’t working now.


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