Still Think the Recession is Over?

The President has taken credit for bringing us “back from the brink” of financial disaster.  The liberal media jumps on new unemployment claims as a sign that the recession is over.  GDP has grown over the past three quarters, after all, so recession, as defined, does appear to be over. 

But where are the jobs? 

Government.  That’s where. 

GDP has risen because companies that downsized have cut costs and streamilined their operations, returning them to profitablility.  But they still aren’t hiring, not as fast as the government is, anyway. 

However, the Gallup poll linked above points to some other numbers that may be interesting. 

Private sector jobs are up by a job creation index (a gallup tool to give an idea of how the job market is doing) by +9.  The Federal government is up by a lot more.  Local and state governements, however, are getting rid of people.  This makes the overall job creation index +5.  A small improvement, but overall unemployment hovers around ten percent. 

Does this sound like a time to bang the drum?   The federal government is hiring temps for the census.  These people will be unemployed again soon.  Private companies are making do with fewer employees.  Here in Georgia, school systems are laying off teachers, hundreds at a time.  People are underemployed, or have stopped looking for a job.  They have exhausted their unemployment benefits. 

Until there is an active job creation in the private sector, anyone who says “it’s over” when talking about this recession is being intellectually dishonest at best, and out and out lying at worst. 

The problem with statistics is that you can bend them to look any way you want them to.  This administration is making a “Mission Accomplished” style mistake.  This isn’t over, and won’t be, until Americans are going back to work.  Forget about GDP growth and first time unemployment filings.  Who isn’t working, and why? 

Of course, if you count the car industry, banks, and other entities that the government has taken over or will take over, those jobs should be counted as government jobs too. 

Look at the numbers from the Gallup poll.  I trust them a lot more than the President, because they don’t have to get reelected or help other Marxists get reelected.  They are reporting results from a stated sample size (over 16,000 people), how they collected the data (phone calls on land lines and cell phones), and the percentage of error (+/- 1%). 

Don’t be fooled by the Obama propaganda machine, otherwise known as ABC, CBS, NBC, and CNN.  Although a recent poll showed that CNN is trusted more than anyone else when it comes to the news.  Fox is second.  It was a CBS poll, I believe.  Anyway, the propaganda machine has lied about a lot of things, misrepresented a lot of things, and this is not really any different. 

I guess they beleive that not telling the whole truth isn’t the same thing as lying.  Unfortunately, they are wrong.


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