Obama Picks Supreme Court Nominee


President Obama has chosen.  Has he chosen wisely?  We’ll see. 

He has nominated Elena Kagan to take retiring Justice John Paul Stevens.  Miss Kagan serves as Solicitor General in Obama’s administration.  She has no experience as a judge. 

I guess she’s better than the pizza delivery guy.  We’ll see.

First, though, she has to be confirmed.  Expect a pretty tough confirmation hearing, one in which Republicans ask all kinds of tough questions and are demonized by the White House.  I mean, this White House thinks that information is a “distraction” as the president put it on Saturday at a commencement in Hampton, VA.  It would be too bad if an person with no judicial experience, a lawyer who has never practiced law or even tried more than a handful of cases, was asked tough questions about her stance on the Constitution of the United States.  President Obama himself in the MSN article above says that Kagan “respects precedent,” but does not say she respects the Constitution. 

I expect she’ll be confirmed, though.  With the White House producing interview videos, and therefore controlling content of the interview, this woman will not be properly vetted by the senate or the press.  Not that either entity has done their job along these lines up until now.  Hell, in a member of the radical revolutionary group La Raza (Justice Sonya Sotomayor was a member of La Raza) can get on the Supreme Court of the US, anyone short of Lucifer himself should be able to get on.  Maybe there are a few concentration camp workers left who could even qualify.  A few KGB operatives may still be around.  Ask them. 

My point here is that we don’t need a self proclaimed Liberal with no experience anywhere but clerking and academia deciding real world cases, not mock trials, that affect our lives.  These people need to be carefully vetted to make sure that they don’t have, oh, I don’t know, a communist past, like Obama’s choice for Green Czar, Van Jones.  It is important for our judges to interpret law, not legislate from the bench.  Liberal, or conservative, activist judges bypass other branches of Congress, therefore tipping the scales of checks and balances as designed by the Constitution.  Van Jones is an example of how President Obama really feels, both about appointments and the American people.  He wants Marxists and Progressives in his cabinet and all around him, and he believes the American people aren’t watching.

But Obama has learned from this, as Kagan has not been available for interview, even by the Obamamania media.  His frustration with talk radio and the internet blogs is apparent.  Again in his speech at Hampton, he opined that there is so much information out there from varying outlets that it is difficult to know whom to believe.  He complained that some of the view on the web don’t pass the test of truth.  I suppose he’s talking about the criticism of his mammoth healthcare bill, where many of the pundits on radio and TV, as well as the web told people what’s acutally in the bill.  When people found all this stuff out, and found out that the people voting on the bill hadn’t read it, they were angry.  Obama accused the pundits of “misinformation,” but since its passage, the truth is slowly trickling out, and it turns out that Obama himself was engaged in misinformation. 

He’s telling college grads this stuff.  That they aren’t intelligent enought to listen to opposing viewpoints and make a decision for themselves.  Obama’s arrogange oozes from his pores on this issue.  He knows better than you what you hear and see.  This from a man who refuses to call the war on terror a war, and refuses to make the muslim connection between the Ft. Hood shooter, the Christmas day bomber, and the Times Square bomber.  If Obama had his way, there would be no Rush Limbaugh, no Fox News, no alternative to the Obamamania media.  This net neutrality nonsense proves that.  But why? 

Obama needs an ignorant electorate.  That way, radical appointments can go through largely unnoticed.  Nominations of auto mechanincs to the Supreme Court wouldn’t be questioned.  Obama’s associations with SEIU would be unreported.  (SEIU’s head Andy Stern has called for dismantlement of our capitalist culture in favor of a socialist economy.  No wonder the president wouldn’t want to be associated with this guy, except for all of Stern’s visits to the White House.  Tough to hide that one.) 

This nomination is a big deal, for a couple of reasons.  This nominee is a self-described liberal with no experience as a judge.  She is also fifty years old, and her rulings will affect Americans for at least two decades, maybe more.  But Obama’s criticism of all things capitalist and the only free media left, the internet, is a bit more of a big deal.  It’s chilling to think that dictators all over the world grab control of the information the public sees. 

Of course, information is a “distraction.”  Don’t read anything before you vote for a Democrat.  He’s okay.  He knows better how to spend your money than you do.  Trust us. 



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