It’s Oily and It’s Black

The oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico has become a catasrophe.  President Obama has tried to take credit for a fix that didn’t work.  He has blamed BP and everyone else, including President Bush and Vice President Cheney for the problem.  He has ignored the men that died on the rig. 

Sounds presidential, doesn’t it? 

No one is denying that this spill is catastrophic.  No one is denying that the owner of the rig and the contractors responsible for building it, starting it up, and maintaining it are responsible for what happened on the water forty miles from the shore.  The administration’s response, however, does not help the situation, nor does it indemnify the fishermen who depend on the Gulf’s seafood for their livelihood. 

Obama has gone out of his way to cream BP at every turn.  BP has already said they will pay for damages.  What else can they do?  Until the flow of oil is stopped, the damage bill will continue to rise.  Their first priority should be to stem the flow of crude into the Gulf.  Just like the illegal immigrant problem, the Obama administration is working on the wrong problem.  There will plenty of time for commissions and investigations, castigations and castrations after the flow is secured. 

Of course, with the Obamaweenies in the way, this process will be long and drawn out, and each minute that passes means more of a disaster in the gulf.  BP has said that the Obama administration has not allowed them to try what may work best.  Obama has claimed to be on the job “from day one.”  If that’s true, then this disaster is all his.

I know a lot of people have opined on this one.  What no one has said is that this is exactly what the Environazis need.  Obama has already suspended offshore exploration and drilling.  The worse the impact is on the evironment, the better it is for Obama and his “green” agenda.  “Green” of course means, not clean, but money.  Obama has cronies all over the place that stand to make billions if the green movement takes off.  This disaster plays right into their hands.  Oil is evil!!!  Oil destroys the environment!!! We must regulate more!!! 

Regulation and environmentalist wacko agendas is what cause this in the first place.

Do you think that if a similar incident happened in an oil field in west Texas that it would take six weeks to figure it out and stop the flow of oil?  Of course not.  The well would have been plugged in minutes or hours.  The fact that they have to drill in a mile of water is what complicates this, and the regulations that demand that the drilling be done in a mile of water is all environmentalist wacko. 

Obama is chomping at the bit to take credit for capping this well.  If the blame for the spill belongs to BP, and BP’s scientists and engineers are working on a solution, the credit belongs to BP.  Not to BHO. 

Obama is a slippery one, isn’t he?  It’s not from visiting the Gulf.  The media blasted President Bush for not responding to Katrina immediately.  “President Bush doesn’t like black people.”  Remember that little gem?  So, since Obama has been gnashing his teeth for SIX WEEKS, does that mean he doesn’t like fishermen?  Is he anti-seafood?  Does he care about these people? 

Only if they can help him politically.  And since the areas most affected by the spill didn’t vote for him, maybe he’s getting back at them. 

If that sounds like sixth graders on the playground, well, if it looks like a duck…

Obama needs to step out of the way and let the really smart people do thier jobs.  He’s not an oil expert.  He needs to get the hell out of the way, and let the experts do their jobs. 

Of course, no one told the oil he’s not an expert.  Maybe it’s just too ignorant to know what’s good for it. 

I think now might be a good time to find out just how messiahic Obama is.  If he can walk on oil (and water), then I’ll beleive.


One Response to “It’s Oily and It’s Black”

  1. nooneofanyimport Says:

    It’s getting to the point that I can’t stand to hear that man’s voice anymore. ugh

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