Get Ready for Your Energy Costs to “Skyrocket”

President Obama today gave a little talk.  He called our dependence on petroleum a national security issue, and then proceeded to inform the world that he would “put a price” on carbon emissions.  This after saying that the private sector must be involved in the conversion of our energy sources from petroleum products to renewable sources. 

Wow.  If I’m a private sector businessman, it sounds to me like the government is going to REQUIRE me to invest in something that won’t turn a profit for years.  Maybe decades. 

Here’s the problem Obama has.  If the renewable energy sector was profitable, private companies would be involved in developing so called “green” technology.  He can’t seem to understand that the average American isn’t ready to spend twice as much money on a product that is half as good as what he can get on the open market.  So, he’s going to strongarm private businesses by taxing them for carbon emissions, and use the money to coerce private businesses into developing technology nobody wants. 

Gooood plan, there Mr. President.

What happens when the government gives money to private businesses to develop new technology?  You get a product that doesn’t come anywhere near the promised performance.  Why is that?  Because the company doesn’t have to worry about its own money being used to develop this technology.  The government is an unlimited supply of cash.  If a private company has to use its own capital for a new product, they will make sure the product performs as advertised.  Remember the second world war?  Equipment specifications were put on the open market, and private companies built equipment prototypes that were then compared to each other.  The best machines won.  That’s how private companies compete, even for government contracts.  Or did.  Before the days of cronyism and greasing the palms of friends in high places took the place of honest competition. 

President Obama said that “Cap and Trade” legislation would cause energy costs to “necessarily skyrocket.”  Studies have been performed that show that if “Cap and Trade” was passed, individual families’ costs would go up from as little as around $500 a year to over $3000.  MIT said around $2600.  I believe them.  Obama is not letting this oil rig crisis go to waste.  Instead of acting quickly and decisively to get the right people on the job, he has dawdled and dithered, obstructing BP’s efforts at every turn he could.  He needs this oil spill to have maximum effect on the environment, so that he can convince simple minded Americans that we must go back to 1875 and do away with petroleum until technology catches up. 

I wonder what America would be like without oil exploration.  Maybe people would not venture more than a few miles from where they were born.  Las Vegas wouldn’t exist.  Air travel would not have been possible.  We would still be sailing on ships with, well, sails. 

And that is exactly where the ass clowns in DC want us to be.  Not them, mind you.  Just the public.  No, Nancy Pelosi would have transportation anywhere she needed to go.  Somebody call the livery!  Horse and carriage for the botox queen! 

Look, we have a standard of living that we don’t want to give up.  I like being able to work more than twelve feet from my job.  I like being able to drive to cities like New Orleans or Nashville.  When they aren’t under water.  I like the idea of being able to be on the west coast in five hours.  I don’t want to give that up.  Not for a con like global warming. 

None of this has a damn thing to do with cooling the planet.  It’s about being able to tell you, the American people, what to do and when to do it. 

I saw something on Discovery channel the other day about a zero carbon office building.  No forced air climate control.  Minimum artificial lighting.  No fossil fueled loads in the building whatsoever.  The price tag?  About twice as much as a similar sized building of conventional design.  That’s right.  Twice as much.  And you know that the building will be hot in the summer, cold in the winter, and dimly lit if the sun goes behind the clouds.  Twice the price for half the performance.  I wonder if anyone in THAT building is hiring. 

If government takes over deciding who can go where when, the Arizona law will look like a guideline that can readily be ignored.  Imagine a trip where you have to stop every couple of hundred miles and show your carbon credentials.  Then, if you have overused fuel, you have to pay a tax to continue on your way.  Hey, if you can afford a trip, you can afford the tax. 

I know, that’s extreme.  But don’t laugh too loudly.  With the Obamaniacs out there, it could happen. 

Hold onto your wallets, folks.  If you can pay your own way, you are in trouble.  If you can’t, well, vote for Obama again.


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