What’s the Other Hand Doing?

Nobody really believes that David Copperfield is majic.  A majician’s career is built on deception.  Distracting your eye so that you don’t notice the birdie up his other sleeve.  Politicians are no different.  Republican or Democrat, their game is one of sleight of hand.  Distract the huddled masses with some sensational story while, behind the scenes, they strip a little more flesh off the carcass of America. 

So, what exactly is the other hand doing right now?  While Americans’ outrage over illegal immigration boils, BP is sliced and diced by President Obama.  While deficit spending runs rampant with no end in sight, Elena Kagan’s confirmation hearing is reported breathlessly by the media. 

What about voter intimidation?  Heard about this?  Not if you watch ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN or any of the rest of the so-called mainstream media outlets. 

You may recall that on election day, 2008, a citizen used his cameraphone to video several Black Panther members standing outside of a Philadelphia polling center weilding clubs and casting racial epithets at voters who were coming to the ASSIGNED polling place to do their civic duty.  The justice department did due diligence in the case and attained all the evidence needed for a slam dunk on convicting the thugs who intimidated voters in Philly.  But the Obama administration told the justice department to drop the cases.  J. Christian Adams, a former attorney for the Justice Department resigned over the decision.  He testified today before the US Commission on Civil Rights.  Link below:


He resigned because the Justice Department was instructed not to pursue cases in which the victims were white if the suspects were black. 

You read that right.  In a “post racial” America, we still have this crap to deal with. 

The Obama people, in their zeal to apply “social justice” have forgotten the concept of “equal justice.”  One is guaranteed by the US Constitution.  The other is not.  I’ll leave it up to you to figure out which is which.

Now, with so much going on, it’s no wonder the media have ignored this story.  I mean, in the United States of America, it’s no big deal if a few whities are intimidated into not voting.  Right?  After all the blacks in the US have been through, I guess it serves them right.  It’s equalizing the errors of the past. 

WRONG.  This is a country of laws.  If a law abiding citizen of this country feels threatened when they go into a polling place or any governemnt facility, that’s wrong.  Blacks have long suffered this kind of stuff, so you’d think they would understand and want it done away with.  But our PRESIDENT can’t bring himself to do what must be done, which is punish these guys to the maximum extent allowable by law.  If a bunch of big rednecks were pacing around a polling place in Mississippi, you can bet your petoot that the media would have to be beaten off the place with a stick (which would be handy because the rednecks would have some sticks handy.)

I’ve heard people say this is no big deal, including some people in the current Justice Department.  I disagree.  Anytime one group of people intimidates another group of people to manipulate the outcome of an election, that’s wrong. 

I wonder, then, if the election results are even right.  Is it a legitimate election of a Marxist, helped out by an army of thugs deployed across the country to turn white people away from the polls? 

Let me get my tinfoil hat off.  There.  That’s better.

I think this points to the true values of the President of the United States.  He won’t protect the citizens of this country equally.  If I’m beaten within an inch of my life by a group of black thugs, will I be charged for inciting violence?  No, because local cops do a better job of prosecuting criminals than the feds do.  If you doubt me, take a look at the border with Mexico. 

It’s a sad day.  We are back in 1950’s Alabama.  The difference is that the feds aren’t spraying us with water. 

They aren’t doing anything.  Nothing on the border.  Nothing to protect citizens at polling places.  Nothing in the gulf.  Nothing in Afghanistan or Iraq. 

Maybe everything will work out.  Anarchy has a way of leveling the playing field, after all. 

This is a country of laws.  If our President can’t remember that simple idea, he needs to go in 2012, which is when, by the way, the Black Panthers will again be allowed to carry clubs to polling places. 

God Bless America.


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