Kerry Unpatriotic

Remember during the Presidential campaign when Joe Biden told us that paying taxes was our patriotic duty? 

I guess those rules apply only to people who oppose your confiscatory policies. 

John Kerry bought a yacht.  $7 million bucks.  And, if he purchased the yacht in Massachusetts, where he LIVES, he’d have to pay a half a million dollars in taxes and $70,000 per year after that. 

But don’t cry for him just yet.  He avoided this tax by purchasing the yacht in another state.  That’s right.  Mr. Vietnam veteran, decorated war hero, and all around good guy subverted the tax system for a YACHT.  Oh, and at a time when American companies are suffering, he had the yacht built in New Zealand. 

This at a time when Democrat Charlie Rangel is under investigation for ethics violations, related to taxes.  Rangel (D-NY) is a member of the House Ways and Means Comittee, the group responsible for writing tax code. 

Ironic, yes?

Where the travesty lies is in the media’s coverage of all of this.  The Rangel story has gotten a little too big to ignore, especially since he won’t just take a deal to prevent the gory details from being aired in a hearing.  He wants his day in court.  But the Kerry story has gone largely unreported, except by Fox News.  I guess the public only needs to know the truth when a Republican does something percieved to be wrong. 

I’ve had enough of being lectured to by people who have never had a real job telling me to shut up and pay my taxes.  I’m full up with the demonization of the “rich” who don’t “pay their fair share.”  The Obama administration has hammered the very people who do the work, provide the jobs, and keep the economy churning, for no other reason that to get his base, uneducated poor people, to show up at the polls and vote for another group of scam artists.  I never got a job from a poor person.  I’ve never had my house payment made by a homeless man.  A single mother living on food stamps never put gas in my car.  So get off their backs already.  The top one percent of earners in the US pays almost seventy percent of the taxes.  Sounds like the pay their fair share, and then some.  The money they pay into social security, medicare and medicaid will be used exclusively by others.  They pay, but get no benefit.  Sounds “fair” doesn’t it? 

I understand that taxes are necessary to keep a country going.  Money for defense, building fences across the borders, and highways is needed.  But we don’t need to subsidize every lazy jerk who simply wants to get the most money for the least effort.  I’m okay with Medicare and Medicaid, if it’s not corrupt and inefficient, therefore leading to lower value to the people who use these services.  But it is corrupt and inefficient, and cost a lot more than the people who came up with it said it would.  Why?  Fraud.  Plain and simple. 

Why is it so easy to defraud government programs?  Can the people that write up these ideas not put safeguards in place to make sure that, oh, I don’t know, the same person can’t get money under nine assumed names?  Or that a person who is on welfare is actually trying to get off of welfare?  Or that a person can’t bring a kid to the doctor that doesn’t belong to them?  How tough is this, anyway? 

Here’s how I see it.  If you depend on the government for your existence, you give up some basic rights.  Like privacy.  If you say you need money to feed your kids, the government should make sure that the kids are at least yours, and not kids you are taking care of to get money under the table.

At any rate, Democrats don’t feel the need to feed the monster they helped create.  They avoid paying taxes. 

Like any “rich” person would do.


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