Ground Zero Mosque: Place of Worship or Islamic Monument?

I’ve heard a lot from a lot of people on this mosque that is to be built a couple of blocks from ground zero.  I’ve heard both sides of the argument and the conclusion that I’ve reached is that America will be undone by our own sense of fair play. 

You see it everywhere.  People taking advantage of our laws to their benefit and our detrement.  Illegal immigrants and anchor babies comes to mind.  But this mosque thing needs to be examined more closely, because just because something is legal doesn’t make it right. 

NYC seems poised to approve use of the land for a mosque on the site of the 9/11 attacks.  The radical imam spearheading this movement has some issues that should be explored.  He refuses to call Hamas a terror organization.  He wishes America was Sharia compliant, with a judiciary within a judiciary.  Where the money is coming from for this project, about $100 million, isn’t all that clear. 

And then there’s motive.

This guy hasn’t stated exactly why he wants to build another mosque (New York has over one hundred in the city already) on THIS site.  Liberal pundits and bloggers have said that it is to unite New Yorkers and bring about more cultural diversity in a city that has inhabitants from almost every nation on earth living there.  Muslims have defended this as saying it is about freedom of religion (again, our own laws being used), and the right to worship where you choose.  I heard one particular Muslim say that it doesn’t matter if the imam in question has ties to terrorists, the mosque is what’s important.  That’s like saying a Baptist church built by the KKK is okay.  Chances are if the church is funded by terrorists, they will be around and possibly even recruiting new members.  It wouldn’t be the first time in history a church was used as a front for something far more sinister.  (Crusades, Catholic church sponsored torture, Spanish Inquisition to name a few)  The point is that it does matter where the money comes from. 

I don’t believe this mosque will be used as a recruitment center for Al Qaida directly.  I think it will be used as a monument to the defeat of the great Satan, and that will, in turn, be a selling point to recruit more terrorists.  Muslims have, the world over, erected monuments to defeats of an enemy.  There is still a mosque  standing in Jerusalem that was originally built on the ruins of a church burned to the ground by Muslims as a reminder of what happens when you mess with Allah’s people. 

If this is really what the mosque will be used for, it should not be built on ground zero.  But, since we can’t judge our laws based on the intent of the authors (See President Barack Hussein Obama and the US Constitution), and since our laws don’t specifically say it can’t be done, the project moves forward. 

This mosque doesn’t affect me in rural Georgia.  In fact, if they wanted to buy my land for, say, $200,000, they could build a mosque in GA chicken country.  But this isn’t about the mosque.  It’s about the location. 

I believe that if a group wants a church, they should be allowed to build it.  But, if a few Israelis wanted to build a synagogue in a Palestinian neighborhood in Jordan, they would probably be strongly discouraged from doing so.  Especially if the Israelis played on the laws of that country that don’t specifically prohibit a disrespectful act.  (This is an example.  I’m sure Jordan has laws that prohibit Jews from doing something like this).  It flies in the face of common sense and respect to put a Muslim monument on a gravesite created by Muslims. 

Don’t misunderstand me here.  I know not all Muslims are terrorists.  But all terrorists seem to be Muslims, and that should make us think about things like this a little differently.  Motives should be called into question. 

The lives that could be saved here may be the Muslim mosque-goers themselves.  If this mosque is built and the feelings about it continue to be hard, and the backlash so loud, once this place is built and people start attending, it could become a target for some anti Muslim nut.  I know we should not live our lives in fear of what might happen, but if people are willing to bomb an abortion doctor’s office, what would stop them from taking a shot at a place like this?  Then, we Americans can be painted as intolerant haters by someone other than CNN and Barack Obama. 

Look, I just don’t see a way this thing comes out good for anyone.  Build your mosque.  Just not at Ground Zero.


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