Where Are We Going?

Imagine this situation:

You are driving in a car.  You have been to the destination before.  You have a map, and many people available to you to direct you to the location you are trying to reach.  You aren’t sure, but you believe you are going the wrong way.  You travel for, oh, about nineteen months and determine that, yes, you are going the wrong way. 

Would you stay the course?  Would you turn left when you know that you should turn right? 

That is exactly what President Obama is doing.  After over a trillion dollars of spending to “stimulate” the economy with “shovel ready” projects that didn’t work, what does our illustrious leader suggest?  Fifty billion more dollars in spending on “infrastructure projects.”  I thought the first stimulus back in 2009 was supposed to spent on projects exactly like this.  With an estimated $235 billion still unspent, it seems unlikely that any person who has a brain would engage in more new spending.  But, that is exactly what the president and the congressional Democrats are suggesting. 


Hey, there Mr. Pres., here’s an idea:  stop deciding who gets the money!  I laughed out loud at your speech yesterday when you claimed to have “taken on powerful interests.”  I guess by this you mean the banks and the auto companies.  I wish you would take me on.  Allow me to abuse the trust of my customers for years, then hand me a check for $400 billion dollars because some pinhead in Washington thinks my business is “too big to fail.”  I guess also that you “took on” Wall Street investment guys.  You and your cronies determined that these guys could not be allowed to take bonuses that were contractually required terms of their services, and thus, tried to take them away by punishing them through taxation.  Sounds like a bill of attainder to me.  Which is, by the way, specifically prohibited in the constitution. 

The guys you won’t “take on” appear to be Black Panther thugs intimidating voters in Philadelphia, a radical imam who wants to build a victory mosque at ground zero, and Mahmoud Ahmedinijad.  You did graciously screw over the investors in GM and Chrysler, giving them no money for their stock, sieze a private company and turn over much of the stock to the UAW.  Does that count as “taking on” powerful interests?

Look, the administration is doing all it can to get Republicans to vote against more spending in a time when we can’t afford more spending.  Or even any spending.  The last time I checked, being broke meant that you can’t pay cash for Twizzlers and beer at Wal Mart, much less a “shovel ready” highway or bridge project. 

The adminstration’s politicking is making me nauseous.  Congressional Democrats propose bills that may have some good qualites (like imaginary tax breaks for small business people) but also have items that no one who has ever balanced a check book would approve of.  By proposing these preposterous bills and forcing Republicans (most of whom have at least balanced a check book) to vote against them, the Democrats are positioning the Republicans as the “party of no.”  I’m actually good with this.  No more asinine spending.  No more class warfare.  No more punishing achievers to redistribute their hard earned wealth. 

No more following a path that we all know leads not to the destination we desire, which is a robust economy with statistical zero unemployment, but instead to a destination where we are all the same.  And all poor. 

But, at least we are together.


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