Obama Still Doesn’t Get It

After watching the end of the President’s press conference, I was struck by a phrase in my mind:  This guy still doesn’t get it. 

Sure, he talked about reaching common ground with the new Republican House of Representatives.  If he is what he has shown himself to be in the past two years, that means agree with what he wants and compromise on what the Republicans want.  I hope this is not the case, and that he can, like Bill Clinton, figure out that all of his ideas aren’t necessarily the right thing for America, and that to accomplish greater things for the country, he may have to actually “gasp” listen to the ideas of others. 

When asked by a “reporter” what he was going to do to stop companies from “hoarding cash” and get them hiring again, he gave a seven minute non-answer.  He said he has been talking to CEO’s and working with them to get them hiring again.  What he should have said is that he is going to get Congress to decide on the Bush tax cuts once and for all so that companies will know what they are up against next year and decide what to do with their own businesses accordingly.  He also said that tax cuts alone wouldn’t solve the problem.  (Did he just acknowledge that tax cuts spur growth?) He’s right about that.  But in the next breath he said he has to make sure that companies treat their customers fairly.  That means more regulations.  He also lied when he said the economy is growing.  The sparse growth numbers mean a statistical zero to most people, especially the thirty million or so Americans who don’t have a job. 

It think the proof that he doesn’t get it is that he did not say that government would get out of the way and allow the free market to do what it does.  After all the spending with no real recovery, he still thinks that the government is the only entity that can provide jobs to people. 

Boy, for an educated guy, he sure is a dilweed.  Someone once said that insanity is defined as doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.  Like socialism.  It hasn’t worked anywhere it’s been tried, but we should try it because we have Barack Obama.  Really?  Like spending huge sums of borrowed money on idiotic projects like studying effects of cocaine on monkeys.  Even FDR’s Treasury secretary said in 1938 that all the spending of the New Deal didn’t work, and that after the spending, we now have a large debt on top of the unemployment and trashed economy. 

Hmmm.  What could we do to get businesses going again?  I wonder. 

I’ve got it!  Reduce taxes to zero.  Repeal the Sixteenth Amendment, and put in place a consumption tax on retail goods.  Do away with the death tax, capital gains tax, and marriage tax.  Do away with all corporate taxes.  If the doesn’t get businesses going in this country, nothing will.  Think about it.  You build cars in India, where you can pay your employees nothing, but still pay corporate taxes and income taxes.  You could move your business to America where you have to pay lazy Union workers twice as much as they are worth, but you don’t have any corporate tax, no income tax, no Social Security or Medicare taxes.  You’d still come out ahead.   And this would work for any production process.  If you make pens and pencils, paint, cut lumber, build electronics, electical or medical devices, hey you still come out ahead. 

I guess sometimes the simplest ideas are just too simple for a brainiac like Barack Obama. 

Come on 2012.  Maybe he would understand the idea of ONE TERM.


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