San Fransisco Demonizes Ronald McDonald

The MSN article above, provided by the Associated Press, describes a symptom of liberalism:  government intervention in every aspect of our lives. 

Apparently, the city fathers in the Golden Gate City have arrived at the conclusion that in order to prevent children from being fat, they need to make a happy meal less happy.  A local ordinance was passed that prevents McDonald’s from putting a toy into a meal that doesn’t meet certain requirements for fat, sodium, and calories. 

On its surface, this seems like a good idea.  I mean, who wants kids to eat something that’s bad for them?  If their PARENTS think its okay to get a Happy Meal, complete with toy, for their kids on a busy Tuesday night, I guess they are out of luck. 

All of this at a time when physical education is mediocre in public schools, if it exists at all. 

The problem here is typical progressivism.  You don’t take good care of your kids by feeding them crap, so we are going to prevent you from feeding them crap.  Unless you go to a grocery store, buy hamburger meat and buns, french fries and animal crackers, and make it yourself at home.  Then, it’s completely okay to fatten up your little couch potatoes. 

A step like this is an insult to anyone who believes that the government should keep on spending our money on stupid stuff instead of interfering directly with our children’s upbringing.  How far away is it that grocery stores won’t be allowed to sell hot dogs, potato chips and Hershey bars because they aren’t healthy?  Is it that big of a stretch?  Maybe one day soon, you can go to a grocery store that sells fresh fruit and vegetables, and get leafy greens and pomegranite juice, and that’s it. 

Freedom means making decisions, and it also means balance.  If you buy your kids unhealthy food once in a while, you should also make sure the kid knows how to play baseball, and go out and throw with him.  Play video games with them, sure, but make sure they know how to sweat.  Make them get outside and run around a little. 

An interesting idea in this article is that low income people feed their kids crap more than people who are better off.  Eating out is expensive, even if you eat at McDonalds.  It is much less expensive to cook at home, over time, than it is to eat out three or four nights a week.  I guess the ivory tower group in San Fransisco didn’t take that into account. 

Look, progressives have proven that they think you are an idiot.  This past elections proves that.  The results of that election proved to them that you are not an idiot.  Unless you live in Chicago, New York, or California.  Liberals still run the show in those places. 

Take your kids to McDonald’s for a happy meal.  While you still can.  And play catch with them.  You will enjoy both experiences a lot more than if you get a futuristic happy meal containing watercress and raisins.


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