San Francisco Now Has Hands in Your Pants

Coming on the heels of proposing a law requiring McDonald’s to stop putting toys in kid’s meals that have a lot of fat and calories (ie flavor), San Francisco has a new initiative.   They are trying to get a circumcision ban on the ballot for the next election.

That’s right.  A circumcision ban.

In a town where it is, apparently, okay to do anything with your penis that you want to, the city’s elected officials now think that a parent should not be allowed to decide for themselves if their child should be circumcised.  The new law would make it a misdemeanor to perform such a surgery on a child until he reaches the age of eighteen years old.  (ouch)

Welcome to Pelosi and Boxer land.

I’ll be doing some research to get to the, uh, meat of this problem.  I really need to find out what the, uh, point of all this is.  Maybe the city’s officials find turtlenecks offensive.  Maybe they think that leg warmers are out of fashion.  I want to get the skinny on this situation, before it comes to a head.

Okay, too many jokes are available for this one.  I should stop.

Where, exactly, in the city’s charter does it say that the city can take power over your penis?  Most guys don’t have control of it on their own, so I guess the city thinks that they can help men along by retaining nature’s gunsight. 

No, I think that the liberals in San Francisco don’t have any crime issues, or illegal immigrant problems and their city economy is perfectly balanced, or else they wouldn’t even entertain such a ridiculous idea.  No, the penises of hundreds of babies are at stake here.  It’s much more important than bringing commerce to the city or enlarging it’s police force.  (Sorry.  That one just slipped out.)

Is there any doubt that liberals will try to take control of anything and everything in your life if they think you are too dumb to take care of it yourself? 

This one should, uh, point to that.


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