Sports Update

Over the weekend, we saw several surprises in sports around the nation.  There were also results that were not too surprising.

First off, the Dallas Cowboys won a game in convincing fashion over the NY Football Giants.  The Cowboys have spent most of this season falling all over themselves to lose games.  Now that Jerry Jones has fired Wade Phillips, the Cowboys seem to magically be able to play football again.  And, to the players’ credit, they are acting exactly like the spoiled brats they are, blaming Phillips for their poor performance up until yesterday.  It is exactly what we should expect from pro athletes.  “What?  My fault?  Nope.  It’s the coach.  Fire him.”  The last time I checked, coaches didn’t actually play in the games.  Only Singletary could probably do it.  These whining jackasses always have an excuse. 

Speaking of whining jackasses, Denny Hamlin bitched to his crew chief that everybody who pitted with them during the Sprint Cup race yesterday at Phoenix made it on fuel.  He pounded his dash, threw stuff like a tweenage girl who wasn’t allowed to go skating with her girfriends, and complained that he did his job, but still finished around thirteenth.  His lead over Jimmie Johnson is down to fifteen points.  

Now, I’m not judging here, but champions don’t act like that.  The only problem for Hamlin anyway is that his lead is smaller than it would have been had he stayed out and made it the distance.  It would not be a lead had he stayed out and run out of fuel.  Then he would be really pissy.  What’s the problem, there, Hambone?  You scared Jimmie will kick your butt at Homestead?  He hasn’t ever really gone into that race needing a good finish.  If he wins and leads the most laps, he beats Hamlin.  No matter what Hamlin does.  Hamlin is no champion. 

The NFL had other instances of teams snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.  The Jacksonville Jaguars actually won 0n a hail mary pass against Houston, a pass that was batted down and into the waiting arms of a Jacksonville reciever who walked two yards into the end zone.  Cleveland played the Jets to a tie for one hour and fourteen minutes.  Then, in OT, Mark Sanchez completed a pass that scored.  Buffalo got off the shcnied by beating Detroit, 23-20 in overtime. 

Who cares about basketball and hockey.  Black dudes played games in one sport and white dudes played in the other.  Who cares.

That’s our sports update. 

Go Broncos, Vols and Tigers.  And Jeff, stop sucking.


2 Responses to “Sports Update”

  1. keithosaunders Says:

    I didn’t see that one coming — Dallas turning in a good performence in New Jersey. Guess these players don’t make enough money to play hard for a coach they don’t like.

    • babaje2 Says:

      Thanks for taking the time to comment. It’s appreciated.

      You’re right. A lot of Americans work for bigger jerks than Wade Phillips every day, and do better work than the Cowboys did for him. I remember when Wade was the head coach for the Denver Broncos, and he didn’t have much success there, either. Maybe he needs to be a coordinator, and leave the head coaching to others.

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