Sports Update

Going into this weekend, there are a few sports stories worth mentioning. 

First of all, the NASCAR series comes down to this weekend.  Denny Hamlin has a fifteen point lead on Jimmie Johnson, with Kevin Harvick still within striking distance, should something happen to the front-runners.  I’ve already commented on Hamlin.  I think it’s kind of funny that the talking heads are all saying Jimmie is done because he hasn’t been in this position at this time of the season.  Not true.  In 2004, Jimmie finished in the top five, but it wasn’t enough.  He had to pass one more car to win the title.  Instead, Kurt Busch did what he needed to do and won the title.  Jimmie and Jeff Gordon came up one or two cars short.  That was the tightest finish in the Chase since it began.  A lot of people point to that and say Jimmie will have a similar result this year.  Jimmie was a third year driver then.  He’s a four time champion now, and Denny Hamlin ain’t Kurt Busch.  As much I used to dislike Busch, he at least doesn’t whine too much when things don’t go his way.  He’s got some class.  My money is on Jimmie.  Sissy Denny Hamlin will crumble, and blame it on someone else.  Hamlin finishes third in the chase. 

Last night, a first year football program took on the defending national champs.  Georgia State took the field in Tuscaloosa against the Crimson Tide.   They drowned in the Tide, losing 63-7.  I have mixed feelings about this.  On the one hand, it was a great thing for GSU to play on ESPN against a tough opponent.  They’ll make a ton of money from that appearance.   But, Alabama had their waterboy in the game in the fourth quarter and still moved the ball at will.  The BCS encourages, no, wait, requires teams like the Tide to pound mercilessly an undermanned opponent or they could lose spots in the rankings.  This isn’t sportsmanship.  It was obvious who the best team was, and there was no need to embarrass a first year program.  State has surprised me, winning their first ever game and several more since then, some by large margins.  This game was not the reason I watch football.  Seeing the physical game is one thing.  Sportsmanship is more spiritual, I guess.  I like seeing one team acknowlege the other team’s pride and not rub it in.  The BCS requires the rubbing it in.  The kids playing for Bill Curry will never forget that trip to Alabama, but not for a good reason.  Football purists will say that GSU should be able to stop the basic running plays the Tide ran in the fourth quarter.   Maybe after three recruiting seasons.  A game like this doesn’t help that.  The campus being in downtown Atlanta wouldn’t help for me, but it may for a kid in another city.  A small town Texas quarterback who can help Curry in a year or two might not like that.  Point is, sportsmanship has been dealt a blow.  It’ll be dealt another one this weekend, when South Carolina plays Troy. 

The NBA and NHL are playing.  The Atlanta Hawks looked good, then bad, then good again.  But other than that, I don’t know what’s going on in the NBA.  And I’m good with that. 

The high schools in my area started playoffs last week.  Again, my son’s team is not in the playoffs, so I’m only paying a little attention. 

Brett Favre’s Vikings (not Brad Childress’) will play the Green Bay Packers this weekend. If Favre survives the pass rush he’ll experience, he may be able to complete a few passes, some to the guys wearing the wrong color, no doubt, but the Vikings are in disarray.  They’ll lose soundly. 

The Memphis Tigers basketball team beat Miami in Wednesday, and the football team will lose to whomever they play this weekend.  They always do. 

That’s it for the update.  Enjoy the weekend.


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