Orlando Airport Fires TSA

Last week, an airport in the Orlando area fired the TSA.  This airport has about 2 million passengers a year, a good number of them charter flights. 

The TSA’s response?  You still have to meet TSA standards.  Which, apparently, are to sexually assault people who are no threat to the airplane, but to not “profile” people who could be a threat to be politically correct. 

This TSA thing has taken on a life of its own.  There are leftist commentators who are saying this outrage over the feeling up of three year olds is a distraction technique designed to get people’s attention off of banks doing business as usual after the bailout (that happened over a year ago).  Wow.  The left is really reaching.  It couldn’t possibly be that Americans have simply decided that government overreaching has found its limit.  And the line is drawn.  At the waistband of our underpants. 

Most American’s don’t fly much, so this doesn’t affect them at all.  Of the ones that do fly, most of them don’t fly often.  Only about 8 percent of flyers are frequent flyers.  So, this outrage only applies to a small part of our population. 

That doesn’t make what the TSA is doing right. 

The TSA director is a new guy.  He has to do something to justify his employment.  Since most airports don’t have full body scanners, and the ones that do don’t always have people there to operate them, the sexual assault is the only way to screen passengers.  Of course, if someone REALLY wants to get an explosive on an airplane, he can always jam it somewhere that the sexual assault or full body scanner won’t detect it. 

The real problem here, of course is the techniques employed by the TSA to detect behavior that might be indicative of a person who may want to kill a bunch of strangers.  All the times I’ve been throught TSA security, and they are many, trust me, the TSA person who looked at my boarding pass and ID never looked at ME.  They don’t look at passengers closely.  A person who is about to kill himself will have behaviors that indicate stress and discomfort.  A screener that has been properly trained to look for this type of behavior will be able to detect such a person.  It’s true a person can possibly fake normal behavior, but how many of the 9/11 hijackers would have been stopped at the screening point if the ticketing agent noticed sweating and nervous behavior?  What if the men had to go through a metal detector in the doors of the airport?  What if the person working at the bar had noticed some “tell” in their behavior that would have allowed them to at least get a little extra talking to?  The problem, as I’ve said before, is we are looking for weapons, not terrorists.  The Israelis do all of the things I’ve layed out here.  Would it be possible to get someone on the inside to help a terrorist?  Sure.  No system can be 100 percent foolproof.  But our approach is exaclty wrong.  We need to look for people who want to hurt us, not just the weaponsl they want to use. 

The Orlando airport has done what more airports should do.  And the airports should not get future screeners from the pool of the same idiots that are doing the screenings now.  Lastly, TSA employees should not be unionized.  That’s coming. 

Here’s hoping that the US comes to its senses before jihadists’ goal of crushing our economy by a million paper cuts.


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