Gotta Love Democrats…

So now, unemployed Americans spending their unemployment benefits result in economic stimulus. 


I guess money being spent on lottery tickets and beer do stimulate the economy some.  What I can’t figure out is why money being spent on Mercedes Benzes and yachts doesn’t. 

According to Nancy Pelosi and other Marxists, unemployment benefits must be extended past the current 99 weeks because there is a mulitplier effect on the economy.  In other words, if you spend a dollar in a convenience store, it contributes more than a dollar to the economy, by employing the clerk in the store and paying the light bill in the store, etc.  This is essentially flawed.  The dollar spent is DIVIDED among the costs of operating the store.  If anything, a small portion of the dollar goes back directly into the economy. 

Now let’s look at the other side of this.  Unemployment benefits must be extended by borrowing more money from the Red Chinese to pay for it, but people who make more than $250,000 a year deserve to have more of their money confiscated by the government.  Indeed, these people don’t spend their money on things like food and gas, pay employees, buy materials to run their businesses, or buy Benzes.  This money must be removed from the economy so that more beer and lottery tickets can be purchased.  I think I feel a little blood running out of my ear.  Except that the money has ALREADY been removed from the economy by the government keeping your money and your employer’s money for unemployment insurance.  I have paid a crap load of money into this scam and have never gotten one dollar back.  Seems fair. 

The problem is that Obama doesn’t care that this tax increase, which isn’t really a tax increase at all, will hurt the economy.  He’s not doing it because it will increase revenue to the government.  It will, and has been proven time and again.  He’s doing it out of fairness.  That’s right.  It’s not fair for some people to have so much when others eat Alpo in their hamburger helper.  Forget that the achievers in our society have done something with their lives.  Gone to college.  Worked long hours.  Built a business that provides products and services that people will pay for, and, (gasp!) made profits.  While the moochers in our society haven’t done any of these things.  They have simply let their opportunities evaporate and waited for others to pay their way.  It just not fair, dammit. 

In America, it is fair.  You have the opportunity to go as far as your intellect and desire will take you.  If you think you can do this in Germany or France, buy a plane ticket and give it a try. 

Just saw Sherrod Brown, Democrat from Ohio, spout this trash again.  Somebody kill me.  No wait.  There’s an ad for the Obama Chia Pet.  Of course, Washington and Lincoln are included too.  That Chia rocks.  Obama with a green afro?   Coolest thing ever.  Only $20.  Get one.  It’ll make a great stocking stuffer for someone you think is a moron. 

Democrats are so out of touch, especially given the recent election results, that they cannot see the forest for the Chia foliage.  Their ideas are sure to destroy America. 

All because it’s just not fair. 

God help us.


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