Information Dissemination Equates to Treason

Wikilieaks is at it again. 

With the release of over two hundred thousand documents outlining intelligence correspondence in the US intelligence community, Wikileaks has exposed some valuable sources and correspondences between dimplomats and intelligence officers.  Of course, the guy that founded Wikileaks isn’t an American.  He wants to hurt our chances of victory in the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.  And we can’t stop him from disseminating this information.  Apparently, according to some on the left, this dissemination is protected by the first amendment. 

Last time I checked, the Constitution applies to Americans.  Something like this equates to theft.  I don’t know how Assange got the information, but I can’t see the CIA just turning it over.  I’m sure that a lot of this info is public record that has been recently unclassified.  I’m also sure that there isn’t a lot of useful information in these documents for Al Qaeda to use.  But there is some.  There are probably names and dates that Al Qaeda can use when they want to win over a poor young man to take a suicide bomb into a public place and kill a lot of innocent people. 

And what can we do?  Nothing.  We need Interpol to issue a warrant for Assange’s arrest.  For sex crimes.  Go figure.  A Brit that has been accused of a sex crime.  I’m shocked. 

The fact that Eric Holder won’t do his job and go after this guy equates to treason on the behalf of the Obama administration.  If you allow an enemy to get information on your intelligence community and do nothing, does this not provide support to the enemy?  We are at war.  The penalty for something like this is a little on the stiff side, if you know what I mean. 

A lot of people will say “Treason?  Really?  Come on, man.  This stuff isn’t that important.”  Maybe the content isn’t that important.  But the idea that a foreigner can simply disseminate info and walk away with no consequences is important.  It means that America has had its collective testicles removed. 

There was a time when we would stomp on anybody’s rights to get to a communist.  Our government saw communism as a real threat to our freedom and our way of life, and they did whatever they had to do to make sure that the Soviets couldn’t get a foothold here on US soil.  Right?  Maybe not.  Not if you were falsely accused or imprisoned.  But if you were a real communist, it was absolutely right to find these guys.  And American freedom and the American way of life is preserved.  At least until Democrats took over. 

All so that we can be dismantled from the inside.  By people in our own government.  By our own laws.  Countries use our laws and sense of fairness against us time and again.  The recent terror trial in NYC resulted in conviction on ONE count, and that being conspiracy.  Not one murder conviction.  Not one.  Now, you can plan and execute a deadly attack on our military overseas and go to jail for the same amount of time as a guy who helped his buddy plan grabbing his ex wife.  Both crimes are deplorable, but they aren’t the same. 

You can even acquire and disseminate materials that will hamper our ability to talk to foreign diplomats about getting help getting to Al Qaeda.  If a foreign diplomat wants to get to Al Qaeda, will he talk to one of our diplomats if he thinks his name will be released later in a Wikileaks document?  Will he be honest and totally truthful?  I wouldn’t be.  Not when the consequences of a conversation like this could result in my kids being murdered by Islamic fanatics. 

I guess the sex crime thing will have to be good enough.  After all, we couldn’t get Al Capone on anything but tax evasion.  At least he went to prison.  But not for being a bloodthirsty killer.  For not paying taxes.  Obama has a few guys around him that didn’t pay their taxes.  Maybe you need to be a murderer AND not pay your taxes.  Unless you’re Wesley Snipes.  But that’s because he’s black.  Right? 

Keep up with this one, kids.  Treason a big deal.  So is international espionage.  And apparently, America is open for business in these fields. 

Good thing somebody has a job.


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