Obama Pardons: Righting Wrongs

You may have heard and you may not have, in this news cycle, that President Obama pardoned nine people last week.  It is the president’s prerogative to pardon anyone he sees fit.  It could be a friend convicted of drug trafficking or FALN terrorists. 

Obama did not pardon either of these. 

He pardoned a guy convicted of a federal coin mutilation crime.  In the sixties.  The guy was a Marine, trying to get cheap cigarettes.  In those days, before the smoking Nazis took hold, you could get a pack of cigarettes for thirty cents.  So, this guy and a couple of buddies decided that they would alter some pennies to make them look like dimes to the base vending machines, so they could, in effect, get a pack of cigarettes for three cents.  This was done by cutting the pennies down to the size of a dime.  But, intentionally altering coins is a federal offense.  He was found out, tried and his CO entered a plea of guilty on his behalf, I assume in exchange for leniency.  And the Marine’s reward?  Vietnam.  The guy has long since retired, though he served his country without incident for ten years.  He had probably forgotten about this whole thing until he went to get a permit to carry a firearm.  Turns out convicted felons have a tough time getting this type of permit.  So, he applied for a presidential pardon. 

Now, I know what you’re thinking.  Who gives aunt Betty’s rump about this?   It’s not the specific act of the pardon.  It’s President Obama’s need to right wrongs done to citizens by the government.  None of the nine people he pardoned are currently serving time for the crime he pardoned them for.  All of the crimes are relatively minor, even the drug charges for some of the pardonees, but they are all old charges.  Why do this?  Because the evil government wrongly convicted these people, and he has to set it right. 

The same evil government that wants to raise your taxes after January first.  The same government that commissioned a group of people to tackle the deficit, but the group did not offer ONE single spending cut.  The same government that refuses to stop illegal invaders from coming into our country and will sue anyone who tries to stop them. 

Mr. President, you should probably focus on bigger fish here.  Sure, these people probably no longer pose a threat to society, but our legal system found them guilty of their individual crimes.  These sentences can affect your life forever, which is why people say “crime doesn’t pay.”  But it does keep giving.  Long after you are out of jail.  The bigger fish I’m speaking of are the Koreans, Iranians, and the debt.  The Chinese, Mexicans, and taxes.   Get these things right.  Then, maybe you can pardon a jaywalker from 1957.  (I know jaywalking isn’t a federal crime.  It’s just for effect.)

Some of you will say this debt commission did request spending cuts.  Not so fast there, sparky.  They recommended cuts in additional spending that is built into the legislation that provides budgets for these programs.  So, if you are a federal program that has a budget of $1 million dollars, and you have an annual increase in spending of 10 percent built into your budget legislation, your budget for next year is $1.1 million.  The commission said “Let’s reduce the INCREASE.  So, instead of getting ten percent, maybe your program only gets five percent.  Your budget still goes up, but by less.  This is the kind of “spending reduction” the Obama administration will talk about. 

But wait.  Spending still went up.  And we are still broke. 

I know!  Higher taxes.  This will close the deficit gap.  Right?  Hold on again, there sparky.  Not so fast.  Not only will the deficit not go down, it will increase.  Maybe there will be a small amount of revenue increase to the government at first, but if spending continues to go up, there is no amount of taxation that will lower the deficit.  And, in the long run, revenue to the government will actually decrease.  How do I know this?  Tax cuts always, and I mean ALWAYS increase revenue to the government.  People with money spend money.  People with more money spend more money.  They start businesses, expand businesses, hire more people, which leads to more people paying income taxes, ergo, more revenue.  Even with the ridiculous rate of taxation on wealthy Americans, they still spend money.  And this progressive tax structure is patently unfair to the earners in our country.  If you make more money, you not only pay more in taxes, but you are taxed at  HIGHER RATE.  Seems fair to the class warriors who inhabit the White House.  This is like playing Rock ’em Sock ’em Robots with one arm removed from your robot.  Government has both arms, and the people are disabled.  Again, it seems fair to the corrupt class warfare folks on Capitol Hill and on Pennsylvania Avenue.   But it’s not.

And Obama is all about fairness.  He’ll set things right when it comes to a coin cutter from the sixites or a cokehead from the eighties, but not to a business owner trying to survive right now.  No, he’ll accuse them of hoarding money and intentionally not hiring people when they could hire people.  He’ll use their names in speeches, sneering the words “millionaires and billionaires.”  He’ll convince the Kool Aid drinkers he’s on their side, and that he’s right there with them when they go to the unemployment office.  And he’ll whisper in their ear “The rich did this to you.  And the Republicans.  And McDonalds.” 

But the truth is that unemployment is going up, and has been since 2008, mostly on his watch.  He hasn’t done anything to get people back to work.  He’s spent money like a drunken sailor.  He’s made speeches and promises.  He’s appeared at GM plants that are building the Chevy Volt, a car no one really wants, saying that America is on the way back. 

Back to where?  To the place where we build the best stuff in the world at the best price?  Nope.  Not as long as labor unions have anything to say about it.  Back to an economic powerhouse, where people, businesses and countries invest their money because our dollar is strong?  Nope.  He’s printing money to pay debt. 

Where Obama wants to take us is a place where everyone is the same, all are treated the same, and it’s fair to everyone.  It’s been tried, Mr. President.  Soviet Union.  I know you’ve heard of it. 

So, in the big scheme of things, these pardons mean nothing.  President Bush didn’t pardon Scooter Libby, a friend and a person found guilty only of not having a perfect memory.  But it does point to the narcissism of Obama.  He can right any wrong done in the past.  Including statistical zero uneployment, a strong military, and tax rates that don’t punish producers.

I think we need to right a wrong.  In November 2012.


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