Compromise Turns Dems into Douchebags

The Rolling Stones said, “You cant always get what you want.”  They also said that sometimes you get what you need.  The compromise between President Obama and the Congress isn’t what everybody wants.  But it may just be what we need. 

But for some reason, Democrats in congress are losing their minds.  They are great at name calling and dividing people.  But when asked a direct question about their own ideology, they can’t defend the most basic position. 

Anthony Weiner, Democrat from New York, was being interviewed by Fox News anchor Megan Kelly yesterday.  Mrs. Kelly, an attorney and very smart lady, asked Weiner how is it fair to confiscate your wealth at 55% when you die.  Weiner’s argument?  You aren’t being taxed.  You’re dead.  Kelly pressed him on the point and asked him how it is fair again.  He started going down the path of Democrat talking points when Kelly interrupted him and pressed him to answer the question.  Weiner turned all huffy and said that if they are going to have a conversation, Megan had to let him answer the question.  Megan said he wasn’t answering the question.  He then turned red in the face and started acting like, well, a douchebag. 

It points to the same old Democrat thing.  He couldn’t tell the truth.  Although he did later equate the leaving of one’s estate to gambling.  He couldn’t defend even this position when Kelly said it wasn’t the same thing, that the wealth accumulated during one’s life belonged to the person’s family.  Weiner said it wasn’t FAIR for someone to inherit money and pay less of a tax percentage than someone who worked for seventy hours a week to earn their money.  Forget that the person who originally earned the money probably worked a lot more than seventy hours a week, paid taxes, took risks, and reaped a reward for that effort.  It’s just not fair, doggone it, for a kid to get $5 milion dollars that has been taxed already.  It’s the same as winning the lottery to idiots like Weiner, whose name is apropo.  That lottery thing is ridiculous too.  Somebody who wins the lottery has a couple of choices to make.  Annuity or cash option at a lower amount.  Then, in swoops the government and they take half of the money.  If the winner invests the money, the gains get taxed.  The money has ALREADY BEEN TAXED.  How is it fair to tax it again?  Weiner’s argument?  How is it fair not to?  He thinks the government is entitled to that money because America has allowed the person the opportunity to make a fortune.  The government didn’t do anything to earn that money, and the person who did probably never took a dime from the government for the very services his tax revenue paid for.  He probably sent his kids to private school, never took food stamps or other forms of welfare, and didn’t take social security.  Yet his money went, at a high rate, to pay for all this stuff.  How is that fair? 

Then there are the Democrats showing up on little watched networks calling the Republicans hostage takers, and the American people are the hostages.  Even President Obama used this euphemism.  Republicans wanting more spending, in the form of unemployment benefits, to be paid for, and not wanting to raise taxes during a recession is not hostage taking.  Hostage taking is where the government shows up at your funeral and demands the casket opened so they can get the deceased’s wallet.  Okay, maybe that’s not hostage taking.  It is an attack on private property ownership.  Something that has been rampant since Woodrow Wilson.  The Republicans got part of what they want, and the Democrats got part of what they want.  But not getting EVERYTHING they want, apparently, gives them free reign to act like douchebags.  They have been dismissive and abusive, even to their own guy.  They are acting like little kids who didn’t get their way.  I expect Obama to start jumping up and down yellling “I want my way, I want my way!!!”  Could happen.  If only we could get to the teleprompter. 

I know it’s not exaclty kosher to call the Democrats names.  But maybe it’s time for their opposition to give them a taste of their own medicine. 

Not too tasty, is there, Tony?  (That’s Weiner, to you.)


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