Sports Update

College football is over except for the BCS games and the Heisman Trophy award.  D2 and D3 schools are in their playoffs.  The NHL is playing, as is the NBA, the NFL is coming down to the final weeks of its season. 

The behind the scenes stuff is as follows: 

Urban Meyer has stepped down as the head coach for the Florida Gators.  He has had some health issues and since Florida was a pretty mediocre team this year by Gator standards, it’s probably a good time for him to hand over the reigns to someone else.  Or maybe he is heading to Denver.  More on that later. 

The Atlanta Braves are making moves to strengthen their team for next season.  They have acquired slugging 2nd baseman Dan Uggla from Florida.  They have traded Mike Dunn and acquired a relief pitcher from the Chicago White Sox whose name escapes me (I don’t always take notes on this stuff before I write.)  They released Matt Diaz, and he has inked a two year deal with the Pittsburgh Pirates.  I am saddened by this move because I like Matt Diaz.  I don’t think he got enough playing time in Atlanta, playing behind Garret Anderson, an over the hill player, last year and shared time in left field this season with Eric Hinske and others.  Matt is a blue collar player who really seems to love playing baseball.  I wish him luck.  The Uggla move is a really good idea since the Braves didn’t have enough infielders last year when Chipper Jones and Martin Prado got injured, and had to play Brooks Conrad, another guy I like, and his defensive play probably cost the Braves at least two games in the playoffs against the eventual World Series champs.  Uggla will add some power to the lineup and provide some flexibility to the infield, and when Chipper comes back, if he can come back from his knee injury, the Braves will be a dangerous team. 

The Denver Broncos fired Josh McDaniels this week.  I am happy with this move as a Broncos fan.  I wasn’t happy with McDaniels after the Cassel/Cutler issue.  He wanted a career backup quarterback for a proven star.  He lost Brandon Marshall.  He traded Peyton Hillis for Brady Quinn, then drafted Tim Tebow.  Cassel is playing pretty well and has the Chiefs in first place in the AFC West.  Cutler is playing pretty well, too and has the Bears in the playoff hunt in the NFC North.  Brandon Marshall is struggling in Miami, but the Dolphins have had injuries at quarterback, and Marshall has looked human.  Peyton Hillis is helping Cleveland look really good, as the Browns have beaten the New Orleans Saints and Hillis has provided a great spark from the running back position. (Not too bad for a white guy, huh?)  Quinn is a second stringer.  He hasn’t played a down since the preseason.  Tim Tebow has played a little, in the wildcat type formations, and has a rushing and passing touchdown this year.  What does all this add up to?  The Broncos have three quarterbacks, the best of which is Kyle Orton (who has a ton of passing yards this year), they can’t run the football, can’t stop the run on defense, and got caught cheating in England getting ready to play the San Francisco 49ers, who thumped the Broncos at Wembley Stadium.  Result?  3-8 record.  All of McDaniels personnel moves haven’t added up to wins.  I was optimistic during his first six games, but he has sucked something awful since then.  I say good riddance.  Maybe Belichick will take him back.

Georgia Southern University has advanced to the second round of the D2 playoffs, beating William and Mary this weekend.  Yes.  They beat both William AND Mary.  They play Wofford this weekend in South Carolina.  Maybe they won’t be playing in six inches of snow.  A local kid, Jaybo Shaw (yes that’s really his name) who started his college career at Georgia Tech, is the quarterback in Southern’s option offense.  Good luck Eagles.

I won a radio contest last week and the family went to a minor league hockey game.  I don’t really understand most of the rules, and it looks chaotic to me, all the bodies and sticks flying everywhere.  But we had a good time, and sat close enough to the ice that you could actually smell it.  It was a fun time.

Lebron and the Heat look pretty average.  They are playing better over the last few days, but they haven’t been a team of supermen who crush all those who dare to oppose them.  I LIKE IT!!!  Maybe the time has come for these overpaid crybabies to see that the TEAM must come first.  It doesn’t matter how good a player is.  He needs the other guys on the court to play well in order for the team to win.  

I got a new bowling ball.  I needed one.  It’s the first ball I’ve had drilled to fit my hand since 2000.  I still only have one strike ball and one spare ball.  I don’t carry twelve balls with me to bowl in a league, like some of these guys do.  And I still do pretty well.   

Lastly, the Heisman will be awarded this weekend.  It should be Cam Newton’s coronation.  He has meant more to his team than any of the other guys, although that kid from Oregon has been great this year, as have all the other candidates.  Newton got his team to the national title game without a ton of offensive help.  I just hope he doesn’t have to give it back later.

That’s it for the update.  Enjoy your weekend and the games.


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