Obama Tax Cut Compromise in Trouble

It’s December 16th.  On January 3rd, the congressional session is over.  That’s how much time our elected officials have to actually do something about the Bush tax rates, and to do something about the budget. 

What are they actually doing?  Pointing fingers.  Democrats are, once again, painting the Republicans with the “party of no” brush.  Harry Reid is saying that congress will work after Christmas.  Democrats are trying to get the bill changed.  No one has read the bill.  Obama is taking to the airwaves every day to ram this through.  Democrats don’t like the bill because it extends tax rates for every American.  Even the evil rich ones.  Republicans don’t like it because it extends unemployment benefits without being paid for.  Everyone is upset because it has taken this long for anyone to do anything. 

Well, Democrats, you guys could have gotten the spending bill done, if you weren’t a bunch of cowards.  No one wanted to stand on the floor of the house or senate and say we need to spend more money, especially with the mid-term elections looming.  And the Bush era tax rates could have been extended any time, since everyone knew the rates would expire at the end of the year.  Once again, the Democrats didn’t want to vote to increase taxes in a recession with an election coming up. 

The crux of all this is that the Democrats could have done anything they wanted to.  They had a majority in both the house and senate.  Republicans could do nothing to stop them.  The president would certainly sign these bills, if the Dems had passed them the way they wanted to.  They didn’t need Republicans for anything.  But they didn’t want to risk losing their power. 

No one wants to say any of this.  Republicans have tried to stop stuff they think is bad for the country.  Democrats have tried to pass stuff they think is good for the country.  This last-minute impasse is due, in large part, to the cowardice of the Democrat party.  If they knew what they were doing was right, it wouldn’t matter who said they weren’t.  The Tea Party, Republicans, citizens at town hall meetings, nobody.  But I think they know it’s wrong to spend like they are.  I think they know it’s wrong to bundle spending together such that good stuff and bad stuff is all on one vote. 

That’s the real problem.  The tricks used by politicians of both parties to get bad stuff passed has corrupted the entire process of voting and passing bills into law.  This omnibus spending bill is a prime example of that.  Funding the military, government offices and what not is something that has to be done.  Spending money on pork projects can wait.  But by bundling all this crap together, they have forced representatives to vote, up or down, on the good, bad and ugly of this bill.  This, too, is political cowardice.  Trying to get your opponent to vote in a certain way to make him look bad is cowardly.  If an item cannot stand on its own, it doesn’t need to be law. 

Democrats, grow a pair and vote.  Do what you think is right.  Suffer the consequences of the vote, or reap the rewards.  That way, you can get your precious spending bills passed. 

Oh, and by the way, spending, according to a little document we call the Constitution, must originate in the house.  The omnibus bill originated in the senate.  That makes it unconstitutional. 

Just so you know.


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