Omnibus Dead, Tax Rates Extended

The senate last night, late last night, moved to remove the omnibus spending package from consideration.  After that, the current tax rates and unemployment benefits were extended. 

Not surprisingly, the Democrats are whining about the Republicans going back on their word.  The omnibus was a deal that had been hashed out over several months between Republicans and Democrats, and was agreed upon.  Democrats now feel betrayed by Republicans who now refused to vote on the spending package. 


Republicans actually listened to the electorate.  The November elections almost certainly played a part in this defeat of a ridiculous spending package.  And the Democrats are actually upset that they got beat at their own game.  Politics. 

The Bush era tax rates have been extended.  Another Republican victory.  They even got the estate tax rate to remain the same. 

Congratulations, America.  You have the Democrats running scared. 

They actually beleived that winning the White House with control of the house and senate would allow them to do anything they wanted, regardless of what you, the American taxpayer and citizen, wanted.  Healthcare will be next. 

Now, there are some issues that remain to be resolved.  The START treaty with Russia is still on the table.  This deal will reduce nuclear stockpiles and address missile defense systems around the world.  I haven’t read this deal, but I’m sure that if the COIC (Community Organizer in Chief) had anything to do with it, America will be weakened and get nothing for this weakening.  Remember the Polish missile defense deal?  The Russians didn’t like the idea of the US having missiles in Eastern Europe, whose sole purpose was to shoot down Russian missiles if they fire at us.  Obama agreed to not build the defense system.  This START thing is probably more of the same.  Also on tap are the Dream Act and Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, both of which need to not be approved.  The Dream Act gives children of illegals a path to citizenship if they choose to serve in the military or go to college.  I’m okay with the military service part, but how many of these kids will serve in the military if they can just go to school?  And DADT is actually a better way to allow gay military members to serve than openly being gay and serving.  I don’t like the idea of people having to hide who they are, but unit cohesiveness is of prime importance in the military, especially in infantry units, and having openly gay people in the unit will damage unit cohesiveness.  It doesn’t matter how much sensitivty training a person is given.  They still have prejudices, which ain’t good, and these prejudices will affect how they interact with their fellow soldiers.  Gay people can serve professionally and in fine fashion, even from the closet.  It sucks to have to hide in the closet, but you know what the conditions are in the military when you join up.  You have to live with it.  What’s next?  I don’t like to travel so you can’t deploy me?  I’m afraid of guns, so I can’t serve in a forward area?  I don’t like blue, so I won’t wear my uniform?  The military is about removing individuality and forming conformity.  Sorry.  That’s how it is.

The good news is that the $1.1 trillion spending won’t be back.  And the economy won’t be more negatively impacted by an increase in taxes.  I have to admit that I was wrong about the tax thing.  I’m glad I was. 

It’s a shame, though, that it comes down to this.  For the past couple of years, Congress has waited until the Christmas season to try to pass unpopular legislation under the guise of “we have to get this done.”  Where was the urgency in October?  Oh, that’s right.  The urgency was getting re-elected. 

Stay on top of your elected officials, America.  They are listening right now better than they ever have.  And you have the power.

Like Thomas Jefferson said, when the public fears the government, there is tyranny, but where the government fears the public, there is liberty. 

Vive liberte!


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