Sports Update

College Football All Amercans were announced this past week.  What’s interesting is that the SEC had five first team All Americans.  The PAC 10 had two.  The competition level is so high in college football that the Heisman Trophy winner from last year was not voted an All American.  The Big Ten was well represented, as was the Big Twelve.  No other conference had five first team All Americans.  And the SEC had the Heisman winner in Cam Newton. 

SEC football is the most competitive conference in America.  These teams pound on each other all year, then pound on whomever they play in bowl games.  Last year, the SEC had something like seven representatives in bowl games.  This year is the same story, although I don’t expect the SEC to do quite as well as they have in the past.   

The Auburn/Oregon matchup is interesting.  Auburn has seen some great running backs this year, including Mark Ingram, and done pretty well against them.  Oregon’s offensive attack is an option-style offense that has a lot of weapons.  Auburn hasn’t seen an attack like this this season.  Their defense better be ready for a shootout.  If Auburn’s defense can stop LaMichael James and contain their QB, they should be in good shape.  The weapons Oregon has are many.  But Auburn has the prime weapon in Cam Newton, and their offensive line is big and fast and should be able to keep the hounds at bay.  My prediction:  Auburn 38, Oregon 35. 

The list of bowl games is long.  Some games of interest:

Boise State/Utah.  Boise’s loss to Nevada ruined a pretty good year for the Broncos.  One loss and they are playing in the MAACO Bowl against Utah.  Should be a yawner, but if Boise blows out Utah, it will be interesting to see how high in the rankings they go.  My prediciton:  Boise State 56, Utah 14.

Air Force/Georgia Tech. Two option teams.  Lots of running.  Not a lot of passing.  I think the team that can throw for one hundred yards wins this game.  Georgia Tech’s starting quarterback is out with a broken arm and may not be back for this game.  Without him, Josh Nesbitt, the Yellowjackets are in trouble.  My prediction:  Air Force 24, Georgia Tech 14.

South Carolina/Florida State.  This game is interesting because both teams were one game a way from a BCS game.  Instead, they play in Atlanta at the Chik Fil A Peach Bowl.  South Carolina and the old ball coach Steve Spurrier have proven themselves to be a good team, but youth and one or two plays in a game have made the difference in being good and really good.  FSU’s first season without Bobby Bowden was full of ups and downs.  Their offense is more pro-style and will expose the secondary of South Carolina.  My prediction:  FSU 28, South Carolina 17. 

Ohio State/Arkansas.  This may be the only game I’m rooting against the SEC.  I truly despise Bobby Petrino.  The way the quit on the Atlanta Falcons and left the players a NOTE was cowardly and he is a douche.  Still, Arkansas’ passing game is good, and Ryan Mallett is a mobile quarterback who has an accurate arm.  Ohio State has been the class of the Big Ten, and since the decline of Michigan, has had to play only one or two tough games a year.  My prediction:  Arkansas 17, Ohio State 14 in a defensive ball game.

Stanford/Virginia Tech.  Virginia Tech’s season was a bit of a letdown.  Their ACC title hopes diminished as the year went on and this game could be a blowout.  The Hokies’ coach Bob Beamer better get their heads on right, or Stanford could kill them.  My prediciton:  Stanford 31, Virginia Tech 17.

I think LSU and Auburn will win their games, making an SEC team the national title holder for two years in a row, and something like 6 of the last nine. 

In other sports, Memphis barely beat Austin Peay, which either means that the Tigers played their waterboys or the Governors played their hearts out.  Either way, Memphis may lose spots in the rankings.  It always amazes me that a team like Butler can lose to Podunk University and lose one spot in the standings, but Memphis loses to a number 4 Kansas and loses five spots.  Memphis has a good team.  Not an elite team.  That’s the difference.

Hockey, oh, who gives a rat’s petoot about hockey.

It looks like the Heat have finally found a way to win.  They had a winning streak going last I heard.  Boooooo.

The Philadelphia Phillies should probably go ahead and reserve their World Series tickets now.  They got Cliff Lee back, and with Halladay, Oswalt, Hamels and now Lee, they have a starting rotation that will dominate the NL East and everybody they play.  If they can keep hitting and keep Jimmy Rollins healthy, the Phils will be a force to be reckoned with.  Booooo. 

Jimmy Johnson was named driver of the year.  I’m so surprised.  Of course, the pantywaste F1 fans are pissed because they seem to think that NASCAR is the minor leagues.  If that was true, open wheel drivers should dominate the sport, right?  Juan Pablo Montoya (Indycars, I know, but still open wheel) should have a title by now.   He hasn’t been close.  Patrick Carpentier?  Who?  Can’t drive a stock car.  Ricky Carmichael is better in stock cars than Carpentier, and he came from motocross.  And now it will be Danica watch.  Now, if she would drive in a bikini style firesuit, we’d have something to talk about.  But she struggled in the real minor leagues, the NASCAR Nationwide series.  I hope she gets better.  Maybe she’ll rip off her firesuit in victory lane. 

Yes, I’m a pig.  But at least I’m honest.


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  1. Michael Richard Says:

    BTW…Virginia Tech lost by three to Boise State, got upset by James Madison (the school, not the president), and then won 11 straight. Undefeated in conference play…I think that the Hokies took their loss to James Madison to heart, and played balls out football the rest of the season…only one game was decided by one score. They beat a ranked North Carolina State, a ranked Miami, and a ranked Florida State. Without the loss to James Madison, VA Tech is ranked much higher than #13.

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