Lame Duck Congress Dangerous and Irresponsible

Democrats in Congress seem to be enjoying their last few days at the helm of power in the United States.  Repealing Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, trying to ratify a new nuclear missile defense treaty with Russia, attempting to pass an omnibus spending bill, passing the Obama tax compromise.  These guys got more done in two weeks than they did all year. 

But the tactic of using the lame duck status of senators and representatives to pass this stuff is, well, weasely, to say the least, and dangerous to say the worst. 

I’ve already opined on DADT.  It’s just another example of a group of people entering into a contract knowing the terms and then trying to change the contract.  Congress has done that for them.  Gays can now serve openly in the armed forces.  Look for the force to get smaller as fewer people volunteer.  That weakens our country.  But then again, maybe that’s the point.  We’ll see:

The nuclear treaty with Russia calls for them to reduce their force of tactical nuclear weapons by the same NUMBER as we reduce ours, about 1550 warheads.  They still have ten times as many tactical nuclear weapons as we do.  They could sell them to a rogue nation, like Iran, or Venezuela, and with a reduced force, our ability to respond would be weakened.  If the Obama administration had negotiated a similar PERCENTAGE reduction, maybe then it would be a good deal for us.  But nooooo.   Oh, and the treaty also has language in it that prevents us from building missile defense systems or the Russians can back out.  Which they will do anyway.  So, once again, our president has weakened our ability to defend ourselves. 

I didn’t mention the Dream act, but it’s a dream.  It was voted down.  But don’t worry.  The Democrats will try again for some form of amnesty.  If this had passed and kids could get citizenship by choosing the military or college (I wonder which way they’d go?), it wouldn’t be long before their parents would be granted legal status, then their aunts, uncles, cousins and maybe their neighbors in Mexico, too, were also granted legal status.  It’s how Democrats do things.  Propose something that seems reasonable, but not entirely kosher.  If you can convince a few people to buy it, move on to a little more, then a little more, until you have a law that says once you are in the US, you are a citizen.  That’s what these guys are after.  Hell, they may give away California, Arizona, New Mexico and Utah to the Mexicans.  Good luck with Texas.  They’ll secede and become a country again if the Mexicans try anything funny.  All of this without a shot being fired, the damage done from within our own government.

The Omnibus died a quiet death, mainly due to some Democrat-esque statesmanship from Republicans.  The bill was drafted in a bi-partisan manner over the past year, but the Republicans, who once said they’d vote for it, backed out after the November elections.  This infuriated the Democrats who understand that more debt weakens our nation. 

Seeing a theme here?  Everything the lame duck Congress has done weakens us either militarily, economically, or socially.  Or should I say, everything they have tried to do. 

Remember in 2006 when the Republicans had a lame duck session?  You know how many pieces of legislation they passed?  None. 

That’s the difference between Republicans and Democrats.  But it looks like the GOP is learning. 

I hope they learned a little about running a campaign from 2008.  Althought they won’t have the help of the mainstream media, they will have pick a stronger candidate than John McCain for the 2012 election, and run a smarter campaign. 

Here’s hoping.  I’m not sure our country can stand four more years of Barack Hussein Obama. 

He is, after all, driving the bus on this lame duck congress.  They have weakened our nation, and now they will leave the mess for someone else to clean up.  How very Democrat of them.


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