Obama Crows About Accomplishments

I watched as much of the president’s press conference yesterday as my stomach would allow.  I had some kind of physical reaction to his bragging and crowing. 

It’s called nausea. 

Praising the lame duck congress for passing a bunch of crap that he claims is good for the American people is kind of like praising some guy who robbed a convenience store for not stealing all the milk. 

What, exactly, did they get done? 

Well, they damaged the US military by overturning Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.  This wasn’t the best way to allow homosexuals to serve their country, but it worked.  It’s not like the guys on a ship or an infantry unit wouldn’t know if a guy working closely with them was or wasn’t gay, but if they didn’t know, the person in question would serve and be extended the same courtesies as his straight comrades.  It would be great if everyone wasn’t biased against homosexuals in any way, and everyone could accept people who are different.  But most people can’t.  And a lot of these guys end up in the Marines.  Obama was very happy that gay individuals could serve without “living a lie.”  This means that the military can have all the gays it wants.  It also means that the military may not be able to get all the straight people it wants.  Some people will not volunteer for service because of this, or get out instead of reenlisting because of this.  And there are a lot more people in the military who are straight than gay.  Except maybe for the Air Force.  So, the unintended result of all this may be a smaller, weaker force.  But, hey, the berthing spaces should be impeccably decorated. 

The Senate also ratified the START treaty with Russia.  The Russians agreed to get rid of the same NUMBER of nuclear weapons we got rid of.  Except that they still have ten times more tactical nuclear weapons than we do.  And we can’t build missile defense systems.  Maybe if the treaty would have stopped the Russians from selling nuclear material and technology to Iran, it would have been a good deal.  It doesn’t.  I heard a guy who know about this stuff say on TV last night that the Russians got rid of stuff they were getting rid of anyway.  We got rid of stuff we NEED.  Good, deal, there, Mr. President. 

Passing the Bush era tax rates.  This is actually a good thing.  But it won’t have the effect our business ignorant president thinks it will.  No one will take out a five year loan to expand their business when their tax rates could go up in two years.  I guess the president doesn’t realize that many businesses, while trying to survive day after day, are also planning several years ahead of time.  When you can spend $700 billion of other people’s money in two months, I guess the idea of being careful with your assets is a foreign concept to government people. 

So, while immigration reform still needs attention, the defecit is climbing, and debt is out of control (these are not the same thing, in case you were wondering), President Obama is slapping the Dems on the back for getting the US one step closer to being Zimbabwe.  And the news media is helping with this.  Remember in 2006 when the Republicans were voted out?  The media screamed that this was a rejection of President Bush and his policies.  In 2010?  No such proclaimation was made.  In fact, the media basically said the message was flawed, and that the American people just weren’t smart enough to understand it.  I think the message was flawed, but the American people do understand.  That’s why they voted the way they did in November. 

So, congratulations, President Obama.  Good work getting America one step closer to being the newest third world nation.


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