Bowl Update

I’ll keep this one short and sweet. 

No conference in the country can hold a candle to the SEC. 

If you have any doubt about this, ask Michigan and Michigan State.  They got waxed by Mississippi State and Alabama, respectively.  Ask Penn State, who lost at least a respectable game to Florida.  Okay, so a 6-6 Tennessee beat themselves, lost in overtime.  Georgia couldn’t score a touchdown against a C-USA team, but held them to only one TD and on FG.  And South Carolina hung around in their game until late, even though their best offensive player got hurt in the first quarter.  Moral of the story:  even a weakened SEC team can still win the game against the other conferences, who are weaker.  Across the board. 

And for all you Big 10 fans out there, you can kiss my Southern grits.  0-5 in bowl games to this point.  Even Wisconsin, who had a weight advantage on their line of over twenty pound a man couldn’t beat TCU.  TCU should destroy the Big East next year. 

The results speak for themselves.  And that’s all I’ve got to say about that.


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