Arizona Shooting Rush Limbaugh’s Fault? Really?

The echoes from the shots had barely died down over the weekend before CNN and other media outlets breathlessly told us that the government mistrust caused by Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh was responsible for this shooting.  It wasn’t the act of a lone gunman who has mental problems, or a young man with a misguided upbringing; it was the act of a right wing, gun-loving nut.  And he was inspired by talk radio. 


It seems to me that the only time you can’t label a nut who shot up a bunch of people is when the nut is a muslim.  We have no evidence whatsoever that this kid even listens to talk radio, or that his actions were sparked by something he heard Sean Hannity say.  Of course, the sheriff in Pima County seems to think that talk radio is the culprit, so I guess it must be true.  This clown is probably covering his own ample rear end with this rhetoric, because the cops had been called to Jared Loughner’s house multiple times in the last few months.  He had been kicked out of school because his professors thought he might shoot them in the back.  He bought ammunition earlier on the same day of the shooting.  Looks like the good sheriff had his chance to nab this guy, but for whatever reason, didn’t. 

It’s ludicrous for the media to keep giving this sheriff guy the time of day, but because the mainstream media hates conservatives, and conservative talk radio especially, probably because they only wish they could get the ratings conservatives get, they will repeat every thing the sheriff says over and over.  Al Sharpton, who has no expertise whatsoever in this area near as I can tell (the shooter’s a white guy and was caught in the act), is defending the sheriff.  For the first time in his life, he wants to wait to see if the sheriff has some evidence we don’t know about that he is basing his statements on.  Evidence, Al?  When did you ever need evidence before you pronounced someone guilty of a crime?  If you’re having trouble with this, think Tawanna Brawley and the Duke lacrosse case. 

This kid clearly has issues, and even though he sent death threats to several people, nothing was done to even find out what he might be thinking, or what his state of mind may have been.  Another failure of the government to protect citizens from threats.  Real threats.  The kind that end with people shot dead in front of a grocery store, not the kind that may allegedly push a 22-year old boy to the edge of insanity of mistrust of the government. 

I don’t trust government.  Not because of conservatives on the TV and radio, but because of their irresponsible and corrupt actions in the past.  At twenty two, I wasn’t as aware of what was going on in government as I should have been, but I did have a sense of how ridiculous government was.  I was working for $3.35 an hour and the government was helping themselves to 15% of my money.  Sure, I got it back at the end of the year, but it was my money, not theirs.  I guess that’s when I became a conservative. 

The media and the elected officials commenting on this need to take a spoonful of their own medicine in dealing with this.  Stop blaming Sarah Palin and blame the person responsible for this:  Jared Loughner.  If the media continues on this track, then the next time some muslim nut tries to kill a bunch of Americans trying to get to Peoria, they need to brand these guys as muslim extremists, bloodthirsty terrorists who will stop at nothing to destroy us all. 

Of course, you and I both know that won’t happen.  We wouldn’t want to offend anyone, would we?  I mean, Rush Limbaugh isn’t like a real person, is he?  He certainly has a thick skin and can handle anything boobs like Katie Couric can throw at him.  But offending Rush?  Why would that be so bad? 

I can think of about twenty million reasons it would be bad.  His listeners number that many, and they would certainly hear about it.  It would have exactly the opposite effect the “Fairness Doctrine” folks would want it to have.  Instead of turning away listeners, more people would probably tune in to listen.  NPR wouldn’t notice, since only liberal elites listen to them anyway.  Those folks would never listen to Rush. 

I have to say one more thing on this.  I truly pray for the families of the people wounded and killed by this nut.  I am glad that Rep. Goddards seems to be recovering.  I hope for a full recovery for her.  My heart is full of sorrow for the families that lost loved ones.  But the media short-stroking this thing is reprehensible, especially since they are promoting their world view of elitists taking our property and giving it to people who don’t have the same amount of stuff.  To liberals, the agenda is what matters, and the vehicle doesn’t matter, even if it hurts families that are already dealing with a hurtful situation. 

I guess liberals really are compassionate, aren’t they?


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