Obama Calls for Civility, But It Only Applies to the Right

President Obama delivered another great speech last night.  He called on Americans to have more civility in our public discourse. 

Let me explain to you exactly what that means. 

It means that Rush Limbaugh and Sarah Palin need to shut the hell up.  If they don’t like something he’s done, too bad.  He won. 

He wasn’t talking about liberal talkers and TV hosts who said that they wished Rush Limbaugh would die. Or Montel Williams inviting Minnesota Representative Michelle Bachman to cut her wrists. He wasn’t talking about Chris “Chills Up My Leg” Matthews.  He wasn’t talking to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid who called President Bush a liar and a loser.  There was no outrage on the left when this happened.  When President Bush was being mercilessly hammered by the mainstream media, called a Nazi, liar, a toy of the big oil companies, the media joined in.  Hell, they were the ones saying most of this crap. 

I listen to a lot of talk radio.  I have never, and I mean never, heard Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Neal Boortz, Herman Cain, or Glenn Beck say that they wished someone who doesn’t agree with them dead.  EVER.  But, that’s really the difference between conservatives and liberals.  Liberals know that they can’t defeat conservatives when it comes to ideas, so they name call.  They throw food.  They accuse people of being racists and Nazis.  All because they know that if the American people were presented with an idea that most of their income should be confiscated and the money given to welfare recipients, the American people would not buy it.  If the American people were presented with a mandate to buy a product some of them may or may not want or need, there would be outrage.  If the American people were presented with a doctrine of censorship, or redistributional policy in the name of “social justice,” weakening the military to free up money to spend on welfare projects, the American people wouldn’t buy it.  But that’s what liberals have to offer.  More government, less freedom.  And there aren’t many liberals who can intellectually challenge conservative talkers face to face.  That’s why liberal talk shows fail.  It’s easy to write a column or give a speech about your Marxism, but when you have to interact with a caller, live, face to face on the radio or TV, liberals can’t do it.  They aren’t smart enough.  For all of their elitist posturing and doctorates in ancient German philosophy, they can’t win a argument with an informed conservative. 

Obama said a lot of the right things.  But he phoned it in, from my perspective.  The University of Arizona students started the campaign season off right, and the mood of the event was anything but that of a memorial service.  It seemed like a pep rally.  But the president doesn’t have control over the reaction of the crowd.  He could have tried to get them to calm down.  I saw a passionless Obama deliver his speech.  I guess since he wasn’t trying to obtain more power, emotion wasn’t necessary.


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